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 Seeking Help? Click here to learn how to get help faster!

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PostSubject: Seeking Help? Click here to learn how to get help faster!   Fri Feb 08, 2013 3:48 am

Very first thing you should do is check out our Tutorial section here: http://kito.forumotion.com/f19-tutorials
If you still need help, continue reading to gain the best help possible.

Step 1 - Remain Calm
Stop and breath. What ever the issue is, our community will be glad to help. You must first help us help you by not panicking.
Avoid the following too seek desired help
~ Using Caps-Lock in your thread's title and in the post.
~ Demanding help, and/or threatening others to help.
~ Never stating what the issue is in the first place.

Step 2 - Topic and Titles
This is the most important step. When you make a new thread you will see an option to type in something next to "Title of the Topic". As stated above do NOT demand help by simply putting " HELP PLEASE" on the topic title. To get help faster, type in what the issue actually is. For Sample: " Can't Export in Blender" sounds better than " I'M SO CONFUSSED!!!HELP"

Step 3 -The Message in the topic thread.
Awesome you have made it this far. Now this is your chance to get into great detail about your issue.
Here's a list of things your thread should have in it
~ Screenshots of the related issue.
~What you where doing that may have caused the issue.

Step 4 - Wait Patiently
Avoid "Bumping" threads in order to seek the help you desire, they're other people that need help in this section too, so be fair to them.
Sometimes you may not get help quickly as you want, but doing it this way will surely get it faster!
Good luck.[u]

Step 5 - Update your "Help" Status
If you have solved your issue, please tell the community by saying which method worked, followed by a "Thank You" of course . By doing this you are helping people with the same issue find a fix too! :3
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Seeking Help? Click here to learn how to get help faster!
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