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 "Got Skills? Looking for Talent?" - READ BEFORE POSTING

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PostSubject: "Got Skills? Looking for Talent?" - READ BEFORE POSTING   Wed Mar 06, 2013 9:05 am

Hello and welcome to the " Got Skills? Looking for Talent?" Section :3

Please read the following guideline to avoid any hassle while posting here:

What is this section for?

---- It's for posting and showing off your skills that may help  developed servers become more established.
---- You may also post threads of your own server looking for developers. Before doing so look at the NOTS of the board.

What is this section NOT for?
---- This section is not meant for undeveloped projects that are nothing but a name and idea, expecting it to be made for free.
---- This section is also not meant for free labor hoarding, if someone is willing to work for free they may, just don't expect everything to be free.

Who is this is section for?
---- This section is for 3D Modelers, Coders, Texture Artist, Web/Forum Designers, all sorts of talented members who are looking for work in a server, whether free or for profit.
If you are offering services to host a server go here instead : http://www.kitopen.com/f8-impressive-title-server-hosting

Who is this section NOT for?
---- Same as "What this section is NOT for". People who are looking for free staff labor, offering no form of payment and to only have a "boss" admin position, appearing to put no effort into making their game idea come true besides giving it a title.

Threads that are acceptable in this section.
- Threads showing off skills that could be useful for servers
- Threads advertising your server could use developers. Make sure you look at the NOTS.

Threads that are NOT acceptable in this section.
- Hiring Staff
- Looking for _____
- Need Help making server

Important Notes
==If you are a server hoster looking for talent, do NOT make thread asking for such talent as stated above. Look through the ones posted by people wanting to be hired instead.
==If you are are server host looking to hire staff, create the thread in your own forum.
==If you want to advertise your online server go here: http://www.kitopen.com/t1066-online-server-list or here: http://www.kitopen.com/t3526-list-of-online-servers

Thank you for reading. This guideline set is subject to change. Be mindful of these guidelines while looking for talent. Best wishes to all server developers!

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"Got Skills? Looking for Talent?" - READ BEFORE POSTING
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