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 Leaving KITO...

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PostSubject: Leaving KITO...   Sat May 25, 2013 1:11 pm

Dear KITO,

Im leaving you know,for my behavior

I know,people here,dont need here a person like me

I know I made ​​a BIG mistake

So...I need BIG break....I need a break myself and start again...

Im not angry now to people here,Im only angry to me...

I wanna change myself...Only if I change it,I maybe go back here...

Now,BIG sorry,to KITO community...
Thanks for all great moments...

I hope,you forget and forgive me...

So,you dont need trust me...But I wanna change myself

You can ban me or if its possible,den delete lete this account

+ you can delete this acc. Draco,xDarkLyonix

Thanks again,

TwistedTail (I know I have much name...but only one is good..)

Sorry,for my english sucks
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Leaving KITO...
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