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 Pacuss´s items, ideas and more ^^

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PostSubject: Pacuss´s items, ideas and more ^^    Sat Aug 03, 2013 12:01 pm

So, i made some blend files, what need be rigged and animated- MORE.
But i hope Centelleo learn me, how do this. So you can found here:

My ideas
Blender models
IT items
IT preys

--------------------------------- BLEND Files ----------------------------------
Party hat e-e

Head turtle! :3 Just need fix a bit.

Rock Heart - Necklace, its a bit derp becouse, its a ... derp rock...

* More comming soon ^-^

----------------------------------Ideas -------------------------
Ideas for items:
TeddyBear - Into mounth
Just learn, just learn... - Book of "English" into mounth
Crazy Eyes - Shades with crazy Eyes - Lol
Nebula Sword - A spike sword, with nebula texture, and in end of sword a sparkle- Particle.
Sword of Atlanta - A stone sword with a sparkling diamond.
AND MOREH D:< So, these ideas i want to modell into Blender, hope i can do it! <3
( these ideas are not done now, but hope you don´t steal names! )

Ideas for Preys:
Sparkle - A flyyyying.... sparkle around you c:
Crazy Draw Point- A draw point of SIZE 10 and speed 200, it gives a Shards ( spawn only admins, health 5000<--- Thats why it drop shards! Very Happy Sometimes, spike collar ) <3
Problem? - Troll face flying around you
More..................... tomorrow! ^-^

So let me thing....

Water Splash Sparkles-
+ theres missing model, so be sure you make it as watersplashpawL.mesh and watersplashpawR.mesh AND watersplashaura.mesh .

More comming soon! <3

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Pacuss´s items, ideas and more ^^
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