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 Wolves of the forest searching for good DT's

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Game username : Glacia, GlaciaIceWolf, GlaciaTheWolf
Server : DD (member) Wolf soul (member)
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PostSubject: Wolves of the forest searching for good DT's   Sat Dec 21, 2013 8:20 pm

Wolves of the forest is my IT server based off of my story: Wolves of the forest. I'm aiming to make my server different and uniqe, but i am only one person and i need some helpers!!

Wolves of the forest needs some Good DT'S! I thought i have posted this before, but when i went to check for replies, i couldnt find the post, forgive me if this is already up!.

Currently for DT's we accept:


Map makers.



Music makers.

here is our policy for DT's

If you are hired on Dt's everything you made for wolves of the forest, must stay with wolves of the forest!
You made it, means it is YOUR work, you have every right to change your mind, if you do, i will take the content you made out of the server immediately. Being a DT DOES NOT! automatically mean you are admin or a mod, DT's have no powers, but they do have Private DT items, and we may make it so that DT's can teloport. If you are a DT and Mod or admin apps open you are very much welcome to fill one out, you are allowed to be both DT and mod or admin. If you use Stolen art or content for us to use, you will be fired. We do not tolerate stealing no if ands or buts. You cannot Be a DT but ask a friend to do your work, all work must come from you and you alone. If i see that you are doing well and helping the server you may get a promotion to moderator without filling out an app (You can still have your DT jobs) If for some reason you do not agree to this, you can let me know and i will talk it over with my staff and we can compromise if it is reasonable.

If interested, please fill out this little form!

Game name:

Forum name:


What are your skills?


Can you get work done in a certain amount of time?:(I ask bc i dont want to wait a year for a texture or something)

Do you agree to the policy? if not, why?:

Anything to add?:

Okie! we will be with you ASAP!
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Wolves of the forest searching for good DT's
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