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 AuRoara is looking for a 3D Item Mesher

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PostSubject: AuRoara is looking for a 3D Item Mesher   Tue Dec 31, 2013 9:26 am


AuRoara is looking for a Mesher to help out our lead mesher (me) with items. We are -not- looking for a texture artist, nor is it required that you can make prey.

AuRoara is still a work in progress but has a 24/7 online Staff / Closed Beta server while we continue building it.

For a basic summary of what we are looking for, see below or the thread link at the top of the post.

Quote :
- be able to follow guidelines and rules
- mature and 16 years or older
- follow a concept, task or description as closely as possible
- possess Blender 2.49b and all file/program requirements
- be able to mesh, uv unwrap and rig an item to AT LEAST the head, back and end of tail.
- be able to export it to .mesh and .skeleton
- be able to code the item into the items.cfg and a .campaign to test it.
- have a skype account and active on skype at least 4 days a week
- be aware you will be making items specifically designed for AR and not random items.
- accept that any item you make is AR property and belongs to AR, meaning you may NOT redistribute this to other games nor will we remove the content should you leave the team.

Preferred but not required
- be able to texture
- be able to rig and animate prey
- be able to create items with particles
- be able to create particle items

In return for helping we can offer a GMod (Global Moderator & Game Moderator) position and several other rewards such as private items, pets, etc.
We'll also provide you with Admin rank, to make it easier on you for testing items, for the duration of the closed Beta until release, where you will be demoted back to standard GMod.

We can not, however, offer any reward in the form of payment such as money or dA points.

If you are interested in joining the team please contact a staff member privately on the AuRoara forums, NOT HERE.
I will only reply to questions on this thread and will ignore any applications.
Regarding applications, it's entirely up to you how you present to us your application, however you must present several working in-game examples of items you've done in the past.
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AuRoara is looking for a 3D Item Mesher
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