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 ShadowPaws needing DT's

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Game username : Glacia, GlaciaIceWolf, GlaciaTheWolf
Server : DD (member) Wolf soul (member)
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PostSubject: ShadowPaws needing DT's   Fri Apr 11, 2014 6:37 pm

ShadowPaws is a new server in development.

Alone, i handel most of the animating,rigging,and adding things into game, however,
my weak point is maps, so we need map makers, as well as programmers, i have huge plans for my server, but i need a team!

Some of my ideas include:

Being able to eat or drink.

Prey "Hit" animation, so that when a prey gets hit it looks like its hurt.

More pet actions, such as, sit, lay down, wounder.

Jump and swim animation, both i will be doing myself as i know what im doing with that.

an actual "pet" animation, so if you where to pet your pet, you would literally lift your paw and pet it.

ShadowPaws does not use anything without the permission from others, and they do make there own content as well. Yes, we do Export WOW models, however it IS stated that wow allows them for use if we do not use profit, ShadowPaws will never have a profit.

I want to build a GOOD staff team, this means i WILL NOT accept lightly! Yes, in the past i have, and it went wrong, i have gotten alot more ferm, and i will not tolerate a staff member not doing there job. ShadowPaws is to be a family Friendly server.

If you are interested in being A DT or a mod, applications are below, please pm them to me. Type your fave animal name at the end to prove you have read this.



Real age:

Time zone:

Gender (optional)


Do you work for multiple servers?:

Why on this earth would you like to be a moderator?:

What are responsabilities in this position?:

Declined! What would your reaction be?:

Approved! What would your reaction be?:

Do you understand you can be fired?:

Everyday when you log in, what do you or will you do?:

How active are you spacifically on THIS server?:

Anything to add?:

DT applications:


Real age:

Gender (optional)


Talent: (You will be declined if all you can do is texture!)

Examples (I MUST see examples of your work and your work only before i decide!:

How active are you?:

Time zone:

Work time frame?: (This is not to rush, this is to know when i can expect things from you)

Contacts: Skype: DeviantART: Facebook: Youtube:

Anything to add?:

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ShadowPaws needing DT's
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