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 Life of Glacia (Story)

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PostSubject: Life of Glacia (Story)   Sun Jun 01, 2014 2:42 am

Here is a little story i whipped up to get people to understand Glacia and her mate's personality better ^^ it isnt nothing big, just a simple story!

Life of Glacia

Glacia was born into the Azure pack, along with her brother Razaak. While it may seem like Glacia had a happy child hood, she actually had a bad one, her mother and Razaaks where the only ones that accepted her. Glacia is the only wolf in this pack with Ice powers, when the pack found out, they shunned her away. Glacia was sad, lonely and never had any friends. One day, she went down to the pond and sat by it, and looked at her Reflection. "Whats wrong with me?" she asked herself in a whispering voice "Nothing is" said Razaak's voice behind her. Glacia Lifted her head and looked back at him. "Then why does this pack treat me the way they do whats so wrong with having powers that i have?" Glacia questiond Razaak walked up to her and sat down. "They don't understand, they don't see the beauty in your power" answered Razaak.

Glacia felt a little better by Razaak's words, but it didn't change that the pack didn't accept her, Glacia got up and walked off, head low, ears back, and tail down. "Hahaha well look who it is" said a voice to her right Glacia looked up and saw three teenage wolves Glacia contined walking, one of the wolves got infront of her, "Where are you going, off to make ice cicles" Laughed the wolf Glacia layed her ears back lower and growled one of the other wolves head butted Glacia knocking her over. Glacia fell but got back up and shook her fur, trying to avoid a fight she backed up but the third wolf blocked her, the first wolf lunged at her, Glacia, out of instinct opened her mouth and blew, and out came ice myst, the myst Froze the first wolf, Glacia, stunned by what she did, ran back to the den and curled into a ball. When the Alpha of the pack saw what had happend, he decided it was to dangerous for glacia to stay here, and ordered her to leave the pack. Glacia didn't want to leave, but she figured, maybe she could find where she belonged, she said her good-byes to Razaak and her mother and ventured out of the pack.

Glacia walked into the night, and began getting tired. She saw a tree, but was to high to climb, so she backed up and thought back to freezing the wolf, she blew her myst breath on the tree to form a ramp, then walked up the ramp and into the tree, she got comfertable and dozed off to sleep. The next morning, Glacia's ears twitched to the sounds of birds, annoyed she opened her eyes "Knock it off! can't you see i'm trying to sleep?!" she yelled. The birds suddenly stopped. "Oh to late you already woke me up Feather Brains" She said rudely and jumped down from the tree. "Ok, i need to learn to control this ice power of mine" she told herself.

For the next hour, Glacia practiced and practiced her power. "You seem determined kid" said a voice Glacia never heard before. She turned around and saw a black wolf with grey and white markings. "I just wanna learn how to control my powers" answered Glacia. "You seem like you have it to me. look, am ice here" Said the wolf and drew an X in the dirt. Glacia looked at the X and opened her mouth and shot Ice shards at the X, it hit spot on. Glacia smiled "Whats your name?" asked Glacia. "My name's Blair, what is yours?" asked Blair. "My name is glacia" Answered Glacia smiling. "Don't you have a home, Glacia?" asked Blair. Glacia looked down "No...I don't" she answered in a sad voice. "Come with me, you can stay in my den" Offered Blair and started walking off, Glacia Fallowed

Blair led her into a Den inside Cliffs, it was the size as a modern Bedroom Glacia smiled and lied down. Blair layed beside her. Glacia Nuzzled up agains Blair for warmth. Blair smiled and layed his head over hers and fell asleep.

Glacia stayed with blair for over a couple years. They became mates, Glacia is happy with Blair. Blair walks out of the den and climbs on the cliffs. Glacia fallows "Hahah what are you doing?" she asked giggling "I'm a ninja wolf!" he said happily, then he slipped and fell down infront of the den but laughed. "Ok maybe not" he admitted. "Ha, watch me love" said glacia and jumped, an ice glacier formed under her and rose, Glacia rose to the top of the cliff and jumped, right before hitting a rock, ice forms under her and she slides on it, down to where Blair was. "Now that is how you be a ninja" Said Glacia. Blaire smiled and nuzzled Glacia. Glacia nuzzled back.

Glacia looked forward and saw a wolf aproaching. It was Razaak! "Razaak! What are you doing here?!" She asked excitedly "Glacia! we need your help, the Pack is under attack by a dragon! everyone will die if you don't do something!" Replied Razaak panting and out of breath. Glacia narrowed her eyes. "Give me one good reason, The pack banished me!" answered Glacia. "Even so, they are your family!" Razaak replied. Glacia sighed and jumped off the cliff, she landed on a sheet of ice, and skated torwards the pack. Blair and Razaak fallowed. When Glacia arrived, she saw a huge, Wyvern dragon Terrorizing her pack. She skated on her ice up to the dragons eye level "Hey! pick on someone your own size!" she yelled and shot Ice shards at the dragon, the shards hit the dragon in one eye blinding it, the Dragon scratched at Glacia glacia lost her balence and fell she howled, as she howled, Ice armor formed around her, she hit the ground, it hurt, but because of the armor, she was still able to fight. She rose on an ice glacier to the Dragons level again and blew mist breath at him the dragon roared because the breath was freezing. Possibly realising he couldn't win, the dragon flew off. Glacia lowered herself to the ground, armor still on her.

The alpha of her former pack stepped forward "Glacia, we all have missed judged you...you are a hero, we all underestimated your power, it seems you learned how to control your unique gift. We wanna welcome you back into the pack. I apologize" said the alpha. "I apreciate your apology, and i accept it, but i have found where i belong, and it's with blair.. but you need anymore butt kicking, give me a howl" replied Glacia and ran off, Blair bowed at the alpha and fallowed her.
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PostSubject: Re: Life of Glacia (Story)   Mon Jun 09, 2014 9:54 am

Awesome backstory of your character, Glacia! Very Happy
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Life of Glacia (Story)
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