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 How would you review a Server?

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Game username : Sly
Server : KITO
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PostSubject: How would you review a Server?   Tue Aug 05, 2014 3:09 pm

I plan on changing my 'Let's Play" videos into more informal "Review" type videos, to avoid unfair and unequal evaluation. Of course, all it being my personal opinion at the end, I figure I'd ask what information you as viewers would be interested in knowing about certain IT servers. This is my basic format thus far:

Main Info
Server Name
Owners / Company Name
Date of Release
Story Line

Basic Info
Atmosphere / Fun Level
Age Group Aim

Graphic and Sound Info
Any Lag?
Any Bugs?
Player Models
Object Models / Maps / Areas

Opinion Info
Compare to other IT Servers
Who would like this game and why

Suggested Info
History of the game and it's developers

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Server : Dragon's Den
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PostSubject: Re: How would you review a Server?   Wed Aug 06, 2014 5:20 am

Since it is relatively easy to make a basic IT server, thanks to all the help from Redeye, you and the KITO community, I would look at originality, the amount of effort taken in the design of maps and the theme/ambiance of the game.

How friendly the server owners are?

Did they appear to make the game to gain popularity points or are they genuinely making a game for players to have fun.

There are some awesome original animators out there who are making their own player characters or owners, commissioning for original content.

Some fantastic texture artists have been coming to light of late and some very clever coders.

Bugs can be fixed and errors can be ignored when people are making an effort to learn and improve.

However obvious signs of copying of ideas or theft of content should definitely be  addressed.

Anyway these are just my ideas.
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How would you review a Server?
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