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 Problem with the mod aura

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Game username : Jonty
Server : Remember Me
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PostSubject: Problem with the mod aura   Wed Aug 20, 2014 11:03 pm

Okay so I retextured the admin aura, and called it Rising Shards, and put the code in the MagixGUI.h and removed the //s. By the way I made "Rising shards" an item so you can spawn it as well. I put the mod aura in the texture folder and went to Items.cfg and put Rising Shards;Rising Shards;Main;0;1 but when I go in game and use /spoon Rising Shards, it says "Rising Shards spawned" but then the game crashes. Any way to fix this?
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Game username : Hyper
Server : Azoptaos
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PostSubject: Re: Problem with the mod aura   Wed Aug 20, 2014 11:16 pm

lol did you make a mesh for it? The first thing in your item code is the mesh. Here's what I use for shards:

fireshard;Fire Shard;Main;0;0;0;Flameaura;0 0 0;1

fireshard: mesh name, or the little red diamond that shows when you drop it.
Fire Shard: what the item will be named
Flameaura: the particle script name

i can code you things
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Problem with the mod aura
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