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PostSubject: Object Files? [PERMISSION GRANTED TO USE]   Tue Oct 07, 2014 10:09 pm

As I made a post about before -- Is there a way to make .ojbect files compatble for IT? Both map meshes and items?
 I /did/ get permission this time from the creator of these meshes, and am allowed to use them all. ^^"
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Very Helpful

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PostSubject: Re: Object Files? [PERMISSION GRANTED TO USE]   Wed Oct 08, 2014 12:30 am

It is not that FH uses the same type of files than IT?
Or I may be wrong for haven't played FH a considerable time ago.

If there's casually a ".object" file on it though, you must first get:
-Ogre Mesh Exporter
-Ogre Command Line Tools 1.7.2(I use this one, so, I am sure it works properly)

For blender.
You can find out how to install it finding out at Tutorial's forum.

After that, open blender and import the type of file, in this case, a .object.(Find this option at the new/open gadget, I had think)
Don't make any modification and go back to the previous panel and import it out as .mesh file with Ogre Exporter.

Configure around in Preferences table and such for where do you want it to be exported, what OCLT(Ogre Command Line Tools) is wanted to be used and such.

if the export goes sucessful, you will get:
-.material files(This one must be open with notepad and coded with the rock or tree type of data instead of be encrypted)
-.xml.mesh file(This is apparently the mesh, but it needs be convert with OCLT to it)

Then highlight and drag these two files to Ogre Converter at OCLT and a black panel with appear showing us the transformation.Once it finish, you will get a .mesh file version of your mesh.

If I have passed a metod, tell me, this is all I figure out to swap the file data.

Good luck!
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