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PostSubject: Impersonator   Mon Nov 17, 2014 11:01 pm

Hey people of kito, I couldn't think of any other better place to post this than here. If your wondering how I know this, its because I check my proboards from time to time. Today I found that my username and email is under an unknown forum. I've had this before with my old email. Someone was using it and signed up on some random forum. I knew it wasn't me as they used my old user, and a my little pony picture. If anyone knows me any better I hate my little pony. So I deleted them, (not thinking) and then made my new email. I didn't think anything of it at the time, probably just a troll or something. But I have reasons to believe someone recently used my email and my user on a random forum. I'm unsure if it's me or not as my birthday was used. Though the only reason it triggers me to believe it's an impersonator, is that the forum picture is of some random running wolf (I only use Ryuu or HU logo's) and they registered as my user (but without the caps). I have no reason to believe I registered these accounts other than the fact the most recent one did use my birthday. So I thought I'd make it clear, I only play Dragon's Den, Spectrum UTK, Wolfsoul, and now Impressive Elements! The other places I'm under are probably an impersonator. (Which I don't see why anyone would want to impersonate me.) Thanks for your time~
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