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 Last year's scrapped builds of spectrum

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PostSubject: Last year's scrapped builds of spectrum   Thu Mar 19, 2015 7:50 am

Bugs bugs bugs bugs bugs bugs bugs
Simple fixes simple fixes simple fixes simple fixes simple fixes simple fixes simple fixes simple fixes

Too lazy, probably not going to be using this model anyways since I have another that I made that's only around 2 polys with the head/body/tail/manes/tufts and wings.

2015 Spectrum Lion-Alien Model SUPER LOW POLY WIP:
will be given toes later on since he's just for testing my framerate theories

Old Spectrum's current animations WIP

  • Temporary soundbytes until I go on a youtube/natgeo scavenger hunt for new ones.

  • Bad rigging on neck and chest that I did not fix yet.

  • Old maps and since the player's head and neck are VERY high poly they throw my laptop into a fit.

Early lava -does 0 damage for now but I wouldn't count on it staying that way-

A more complete Spectrum build, but older. Before aliens, during headless-head era.

I still have 19 more animations to add in, I stopped after one of them made a buggy mess out of the secondary animations section. All of them work and show up client-server-client according to Hamachi bug hunts, just can't spam them. This is something I really will not release to the public, I need a fresh start and would not feel up to using this source now that I've gotten more experience with the three stacks of c> books beneath my desk. Just a few months of studying has given me the confidence to start from scratch elsewhere.

what i've actually been wasting my time doing:
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Last year's scrapped builds of spectrum
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