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 Out of the Shadows - Looking for Staff!

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Game username : Steel
Server : Out of the Shadows
Female Posts : 1
Join date : 2015-08-18

PostSubject: Out of the Shadows - Looking for Staff!   Mon Sep 07, 2015 6:39 pm

Hello users of KITO everywhere!

This is my very first post so I figured I'd say hi- I'm Steel, heh.
A few weeks ago, my friend and I began work on my new server called Out of the Shadows. We're very proud of it and its progress so far but we've been bogged down with work.

Since my friend and I both have school full-time as well as extracurricular activities, server work has been very hard and we've been working to the wee hours in the morning on the weekends to make up for the lack of work during the weekdays. So we saw it best to look for more staff to help take some weight off of us. We're looking for quite a few things- So I'll list what we want below.

- Mapmakers/Anyone with map skills!
- Item makers/assigners/texturers
- Artists (Drawing artists)
- Moderators (Site, game, global)
- *Composers
- *Coders

(* = Not needed, but something we may accept.)

Now that you've seen the list of what we want, let me classify them into staff rankings:
Design Team = Mapmakers, Item makers, artists, composers, and coders.
Moderators = Global moderators, Site moderators, and Game moderators.

On our website, Clicky here to go to it! you can find all types of goodies, including the staff applications under the 'Staff Team' board. I classified each role into a staff rank, because the applications are divided by staff ranking.
Click here to access the applications!.
You can fill out your application and send it in a reply on the thread, or in a PM to me on our site or here on KITO if you wish. Now I'll give you all a few disclaimers...

1. We WILL pay for certain things such as items or maps. Though, we ARE looking for a staff team, not commissions!
2. We are looking fo experienced staff, though, if you do not have any experience, you still may be accepted. We love and accept most users with enough determination to help!
3. Our server is ONLINE but is not released to the public. Only staff are allowed to be on the server currently!

Thank you all so much.
Have a wonderful day,
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Out of the Shadows - Looking for Staff!
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