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 KovuLKD possibly using images from google images?

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Game username : lol_lions
Server : Impressive Dragon
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PostSubject: KovuLKD possibly using images from google images?   Tue Sep 29, 2015 2:10 am

I've noticed sometimes when searching, I think I searched something like 'tribal dragon necklace', and found that old necklace texture from a private item (Warrior's necklace?). While I don't think KovuLKD has stolen anything, I would like to hear your thoughts.

Example here:

What example does this set for other servers (new and inexperienced)?
If KovuLKD did use these from google, how does this affect IT and it's offshoots as a whole?
Is it okay to use stock images, possibly without credit, from sites with no author given?

Disclaimer: This is in NO way disrespect to KovuLKD as he has worked hard to produce Impressive Title and Feralheart, I am in no way criticizing or bashing KovuLKD or any of his affiliated staff. This is a simple question/discussion and do not turn it into more than it really is.
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Texture Artist
Texture Artist

Game username : Draak
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PostSubject: Re: KovuLKD possibly using images from google images?   Tue Sep 29, 2015 2:41 am

Stock images are fine to use, as long as the user reads the terms and conditions and providing it's actually free to use. If not, it's stealing.
I'd advise people not to use stock images that have no credit or author given because it doesn't seem right. Not to mention it could also be stolen from another site. Theft inception.

But yes, randomly grabbing images off google is a no no because it's theft.

Also not to mention if someone uses the whole "but i found it on googl" it's an incredibly lazy and poor excuse.
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Texture Artist
Texture Artist

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PostSubject: Re: KovuLKD possibly using images from google images?   Tue Sep 29, 2015 8:41 am

Reason why I dont want to say my opinion here...
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Game username : Hamilton
Server : Myatar Legends // Dragon's Den
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PostSubject: Re: KovuLKD possibly using images from google images?   Tue Sep 29, 2015 3:12 pm

1-private items were usually created by the person they were for.
2-spreadshirt is a site for members to sell their own designs to other people. if a design is up on spreadshirt, it may have been simply snagged from another source (such as google). it's similar to redbubble or etsy. the site began in 2002, but i can't find anything that tracks when certain products a uploaded/listed.
3-i did find the design on two clipart sites. one of which has an upload date for after 2008
4-just checked out another shirt site. aliexpress. a site similar to spreadshirt but with a touch more on the etsy personal shop side. the user in question has a TUN of other designs that are clearly lifted from other sites.

i'm inclined to conclude it may just be a clipart that has gotten out into the net. personally, i have no issue here. i don't know how to backtrace clipart. i suppose you could try dragging the image into googles searchbar to do an image similarity search. maybe you'll turn up with more of these "sell 'you' art on textiles" sites. lol
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Game username : Nefadozone
Server : Fucko McShitpo
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PostSubject: Re: KovuLKD possibly using images from google images?   Thu Oct 01, 2015 9:56 pm

someone else noticed

A lot of 'amazing marking creators' and what not (mainly on FH) will use tattoos off of the web and shove them onto their presets. Not even deriving ideas from the design, just copy/pasting it and multiplying it over their texture.

I do personally think that running to google images for game resource material is theft, profits or not - especially if you don't read up on the terms and conditions if they're available. It's not hard to do a little research on your image in question if you are going to rely on the search engine.

But most of those old textures.. if they haven't been slowly hand painted, they probably were sourced from google images, 'picture perfect' peacocks? obviously done with a mouse + google images, photoshop, blender stencil brushing, whatever it took wasn't a prolonged zoo trip and a digital camera. Not saying they're all stolen because most animal media can be found free-use on educational sites!

since any image you upload to the web goes into search engines whether you like it or not, consider someone using your work and claiming it as their own - and when you protest against them their excuse is 'you can't prove this is yours, i found it on google!'
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PostSubject: Re: KovuLKD possibly using images from google images?   

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KovuLKD possibly using images from google images?
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