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Game username : AutumnLeafdust
Server : Blazing Wolves (Owner)
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PostSubject: Galaxieeeeeeezzz   Thu Nov 12, 2015 12:49 am

Well, it's just I tried doing a galaxy like texture (to make galaxy prey, to then make a map to fit those fuckers in, and also excuse my language there but I just had to) to add them to some prey, because WHY NAWT?

The first Galaxy:
Ahh the first galaxy prey I decided to try... Mainly to see if the scroll idea I had worked...

Ghost Galaxy:
The second Galaxy, decided to test it with one of the ghosties, it being the Nightmare. Now I failed HORRIBLY at doing the galaxy scroll (I edited the main ghost tex scroll like a dumb butt) but i'll get to that sooner...

Cute Galaxy:
Decided to try doing a cute galaxy prey, like the Fennec you see here... now the whisker portion's what pulling my leg, or at least my Kirby foot for that matter, since I cant tell if the way it looks makes it look cute or not...

Flying Galaxies:
Manta Ray galaxies. Imagine the Monster Ray version of these mofos. With no miss accuracy. TOTAL HELL if you ask me...

Galaxy Bosses:
Now these fucks aren't called Galaxy Reapers for nothing mind you. They are one of the Galaxy bosses I'm planning on adding. (The scale is a LOT bigger than that of a Skyscraper's)

Underworld Pet? More like Galaxyworld Pet:
Yep, used Hamilton's Cerby Cerb as a test (the eyes kinda ruin the way it looks sadly x-x)

I don't even... This was just a random one I took really

Anyway this is all the Galaxies i've done atm .3.

Last edited by AutumnLeafdust on Thu Nov 12, 2015 1:47 am; edited 1 time in total (Reason for editing : Forgot the rave galaxies... wh0ps)
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