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 How To Make A Game Updater

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PostSubject: How To Make A Game Updater   How To Make A Game Updater I_icon_minitimeSat Nov 14, 2015 4:03 pm

I have a nagging feeling that this has been written before, but I've searched far and wide and can't find anything. 
Basically this tutorial will show you how to make an updater for your game using Puchisoft, and tell you how to make the updater run automatically when you run game.exe (or whatever you named it).
This is usually only recommended for periodic big updates (for example servers like Impressive World who release a big update over periods of times) unless you don't mind having to recompile your game with a new version every time you want to release 4 new models or something.
I don't know how to work any other updaters so don't ask me. There's also a tutorial on puchisoft on their website but considering how many servers don't have updaters, either you don't understand or can't be bothered to read it.

You need:

A free file hosting website WITH FTP SUPPORT (e.g. 000webhost Freehostingnoads or anything else with FTP support) I'm using 000webhost for this tut.

WARNING: Every time you release an update, make sure that you change your game version (in GameConfig) in the compile to a new server password. (This is why I said this updater should be used for big, full, updates) That way once you run the new server files, people will be warned to update, they will run the installer, and then the files you included to update and game.exe (or whatever you named it) will be replaced with the newer version - letting the people who updated continue to connect to the server happily and with only the updated people being able to connect.
Otherwise some people will connect and some won't, some will have the current version and some will have a later version and it gets messy.


So, when you open up Puchisoft, it'll update to another version (to give you an example of how the finished product works) and then ask if you want the video tutorial. Click No.

Now you should see this:
The person who made that software has no sense of design (look how bleak and dull it is).

Now we make our little website that isn't really a website.
For this tut I'm gonna use 000webhost. You can use any that you want as long as it supports [You must be registered and logged in to see this link.]
Sign up with your account and website. I've signed up with http://myserver.comli.com/
Always make sure you sign up with the option free subdomain and NOT your own domain - because you don't have your own domain.

Then sign in and select the domain you signed up with.

Once you're signed in, you should see something like this.
Take note of your domain, your username, and your password that you entered at registration.

Now open FileZilla!
Now in Host put in your domain in host, username in username, password in password, and port 21.
It should now let you in, and you should see this on the bottom right panel.
Go in the public_html folder.
Right click in the panel, select 'Create new directory' and name it 'update'.
You should now have an 'update' 'htaccess' and 'default.php' set of files.
Now go into update.

Back in Puchisoft, go to File > New Project.
In Project Name, put the name of your server. Leave Project Settings Directory as it is. Make sure Patch is the update mode selected.

Now you need Mirror URL which needs to direct to your update folder. Mine is http://myserver.comli.com/update/
This is pretty self explanatory. Type in your domain name and then put /update/.

Upload URL: Usually I don't let the program finish uploading because it's slow, but I put it in for safe measures.
Go to FileZilla and right click on your update folder. Click on Copy URL(s) to Clipboard.
Now paste it in Upload URL in Puchisoft.
[You must be registered and logged in to see this link.]
This is mine.
Thats not going to work.
After your username, put : and then your password.
For example 
[You must be registered and logged in to see this link.]
Do not copy this, make sure you put in your own domain name, your own username and your own password.
Looks like that.

Now click create. If you want to test if the connection works, you can click Test first and let it open in your browser. If you see your website directory, the connection is working.

Now fill in the Version Name as v1.0, and 'where the folder resides' will be your game folder/client. Where all your cd1/cd2/items.cfg/game.exe is. 
For example here is mine

Now click Add.

In the Run/Close tab, choose the Relative EXE Path for Run and Closing software. For us, this is the game exe. Mine is called ForeignEntity.exe. If you renamed yours as  your own server or kept it as game.exe, use this.
Here is mine.

Keep the other selections the same unless you know what you're doing.

Now go to the Updater tab.
You can choose a custom image to show in the installer. It has to be in bitmap (.bmp) format. Make sure it looks as it does in my screenshot. Except obviously MyServer and my domain/pass/user will be different to yours.

Skip advanced and go to Release
Tick Auto-Upload Installer too btw I forgot to add that.
Click on Configure Installer
In Auto-Upload to FTP URL just copy the Upload URL that you put in the beginning
And from here just press OK.
Now click Release in full and Release Updater Data.

But the majority of the time it should work.

After copying over your files and creating an updater (which will take a long time btw) it will attempt to upload the files to your FTP server.

While it's doing this, it's fine:

Let it compress everything and make the UpdateData files, you'll need it.

But when it starts uploading like this:

-Laugh at the program, and cancel the upload. If you let the program upload your files, it will more than likely come up with 50 errors because it crashed itself, it will hang, never finish, or just come back with an error and tell you to look at a log which happens to be empty. At least from my experience. So we'll do it manually!

Go to My Documents > Dispatcher Projects > MyProject (or whatever you named it). 
Go to _UpdateData
Highlight all of them
And drag into your FileZilla update folder in the right hand panel:

When it's done it will say "Directory listing of "/public_html/update" successful"
Now go back to your dispatcher project folder and Go to _Release and find Updater.exe at the bottom.
Run it, and you will see this beauty:
Replace my scribbled 'itags' with your own server name and there you have it.
'Already up to date' would mean that the updater release that v1.0 (as you see on the program name) is the same as the FTP version, v1.0, therefore it doesn't have to update.

Lets say you want to release an update now, what to do?
Go back to the Versions tab of your Dispatcher project program and add a new version v2.0
Click add.
Now I can't make bigass update worthy files in 5 minutes, so I'm just going to add some new text files for the sake of this tut.
Now I 'Release Update Data Only' in the 'Release' tab.
(But if you want to make a new installer choose the other option, this is for small updates like mine where a whole new installer won't make a difference)
let it do its thing, let it compress. Then cancel when it tries to upload again.
Again go back to _UpdateData
Copy and drag over the files to FileZilla

Wait until it has finished with all your data (if you try to update your game while files are uploading, the update will fail).
FileZilla may also say that some files are the same and ask if you want to overwrite, make sure that you overwrite the files.

Go to _Release and find Updater
It detected a new version!
Click OK.
It has updated successfully to version 2.0. Notice how my new text files have been brought over!

Now if you want to release another version, version v2.1, v2.5, v3.0, etc, just do the same procedure again.
Remember to recompile your game to have a new server password before you make the updater if you want your players to be notified there is an update!

Do you want your game to automatically load the updater when they run game.exe (or whatever you called it) ? 
Here's how.
-Open your compile.
-Go to ogremagix.cpp
I haven't got the original KITO source with me but compare that box with yours and add in the missing pieces.
After that the game will automatically load the updater when you load game.exe, check for updates, and if nothing is found - will load the game as normal.

That's all there is to it.
Any questions or errors, tell me in comments.
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Very Helpful
Very Helpful

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PostSubject: Re: How To Make A Game Updater   How To Make A Game Updater I_icon_minitimeSat Nov 14, 2015 4:57 pm

Why are you so fantastic oml.
Thank you!
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3D Modeler

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PostSubject: Re: How To Make A Game Updater   How To Make A Game Updater I_icon_minitimeSat Nov 14, 2015 5:38 pm

Omfg thank you so much cent
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PostSubject: Re: How To Make A Game Updater   How To Make A Game Updater I_icon_minitimeSat Nov 14, 2015 8:28 pm

Will be saving this for if i make another server, thanks cent.
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PostSubject: Re: How To Make A Game Updater   How To Make A Game Updater I_icon_minitimeSat Nov 14, 2015 10:02 pm

Didn't realize I could do the uploads manually (it took way too many tries to do it with the program), thanks for this!
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PostSubject: Re: How To Make A Game Updater   How To Make A Game Updater I_icon_minitimeThu Oct 12, 2017 5:06 pm

I'm a bit confused, so I'll apologise if my question is absolutely ridiculous and if it's completely clear and I'm just being dumb. But is the magix.exe (and everything tbh) that's in the Dispatcher Projects > ServerNameHere > Release the correct version of the game that should be played? Are those the files that you should give out to your people, and no longer the one that's in your "build" folder, along with your "server" folder?

I hope I was able to explain it somehow... haha.  Razz

Thank you beforehand, any kind of help is appreciated!
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PostSubject: Re: How To Make A Game Updater   How To Make A Game Updater I_icon_minitimeWed Jan 10, 2018 8:35 am

I was now trying to make that updater for my game but it doesnt work on that webhost webiste nor any other, you have to buy a domain. So for sure that thing doesnt work for me.

I found a other website where you can create a free subdomain XD here is the link:
[You must be registered and logged in to see this link.]
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PostSubject: Re: How To Make A Game Updater   How To Make A Game Updater I_icon_minitimeThu Feb 08, 2018 12:42 pm

Hi there, I'm a bit late to this topic but I hope I can still get an answer.

So basically, I had to whole thing working, but when I tried uploading a patch and running the updater it showed my username, password and IP address. My first question is: Is there a way I can disable that message?

After this attempt I tried to use a file storage website like Mediafire as a my mirror link, I made sure I uploaded the files from UpdateData after I did the full release in the correct file/folder order. But then when I use the updater it says the Update Mirror is outdated. Any explanation for this?

Thanks in advance for any answers you all can give me!
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PostSubject: Re: How To Make A Game Updater   How To Make A Game Updater I_icon_minitime

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How To Make A Game Updater
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