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 Skyna Is Seeking!

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PostSubject: Skyna Is Seeking!   Mon Dec 14, 2015 1:43 am

Hello, loves!

Skyna is currently looking for some talented unpaid moderators and game designers.
This includes, but is not limited to: being capable in modeling, texturing, coding & programming, particle making, rigging, animation, mapmaking, concept art (or any form of art), music producing.
(Disclaimer: You don't need to be godly amazing at any of the capabilities listed above, you just need to show that you put time and effort into your work.)

All staff members are expected to contribute to the game in one way or another. We do not accept anyone sitting on their haunches and doing nothing consistently.
All applicants are also required to have a generally friendly attitude, should not hold grudges (or at least publicly show it), and should not show exclusive favor to friends as opposed to other members in general, should have a Skype or something for quick and easy contact, and be active both in contribution and general activity around the forum and/or game.
We're a fair and friendly community, after all!

The staff are unpaid, though their work is happily acknowledged by everyone else and is praised, as we're aware of how much time and effort goes into their wonderful work!

Current progress: Shops are implemented (kudos to Centelleo; in progress), PvP, body selector, critters are now tamable by button, gorgeous new GUI, new items & critters, new maps, dual eyes, restricted characters (max 15), double jump with wings, moderator auras, and many more goodies!
Goals & Ambitions: Currency (in progress), hotkey for cure (in progress), NPCs & quests, equippable wings, automatic updater.[/color]

Please keep in mind that the server is not out yet, and is still under major development.

Our official forum: http://skyna.boards.net/
Apply here: http://skyna.boards.net/thread/3/staff-applications-open

Thank you for taking the time to consider us! <3

* Skyna is on a temporary hiatus at the moment!
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Skyna Is Seeking!
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