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 Looking to hire coder (Paid)

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Game username : Ichornight
Server : Foreign Entity
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Join date : 2015-09-26
Location : Texas

PostSubject: Looking to hire coder (Paid)   Thu Jan 07, 2016 12:37 am

Hey there guys,

I am currently creating a server using the Impressive Title source and I would like to hire a coder to help me with ingame features, considering I know virtually nothing about knee-deep feature coding.

Features needed include:

Skills expanse (Expanding the skill count past 200)
Group/Pack system
Taming a critter by a button determining a certain amount of tames spent and not by random chance
Character creator edits (Dual eye colors and maybe some more nonsense)
Cel shading (not mandatory but I'll throw in a pretty penny)
Skills (New skills and things like that)
Other features we can discuss later if you're up for it

If you accept the job, you'll be offered a staff position but if you'd rather not I will understand.

Concerning pricing, I'm willing to offer income based on each coding work you do, or monthly I guess if you want to be in for the long run.

You'll be paid with PayPal.

Income amount can be discussed when you contact me, we can work together for what's best.


You can email me at ichornight@hotmail.com, through my Skype which is OrangeIchor, or by PMing me here on KITO.
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Looking to hire coder (Paid)
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