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 Unsure how to word this

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PostSubject: Unsure how to word this   Mon May 09, 2016 11:22 pm

This is something that probably sounds silly, but I can't seem to figure out what I may be doing wrong?

Basically, I have seen a few instances where someone takes the IT model into some sort of modelling program (I've assumed it had to be Blender, of course, but I could be wrong) and effectively textures it//creates a 'preset'. A more specific instance of this is found, Here; It is mentioned by Liedo in a later post that they used some sort of program to draw on their textures and have them connect so well over the model, but they could not remember which.

I get the idea to do this myself? Every time, without fail, the IT model loads into Blender without the original UV map data, rendering whatever unwrap and texture I happen to throw onto it virtually useless to anyone but myself.

I'm not an adept Blender user, so I very well just could be mucking it up and this could be a super simple fix, and if it is, it'd be marvelous to make a tuto out of it to benefit preset makers everywhere.

But yes, I have searched both the forums here, those on other servers, and countless other forums/wiki pages/etc. of various modelling programs. All tutorials I've found regarding the subject always involve a model that needs UV mapping, rather than one that has already been mapped.
After following these tutorials up to that point, and trying to skip that step, I still end up with the same result; a model that should already have it's correct mapping information, but I am unable to access it.

Any help would be greatly appreciated~! Very Happy
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PostSubject: Re: Unsure how to word this   Wed May 11, 2016 7:29 pm

ah, i really don't remember which program i used for this one, but you really can use blender for making presets! Smile i use 'texture paint' tool in blender, draw something on model, and then i save my texture and edit it in photoshop (adding more details and etc). it works and looks nice!

as i remember, you can find original IT models for blender somewhere on this site, and then you will get the character model with correct UV map and you can use it for making your presets. i know only this way, because i never tried to import .mesh into blender so i don't know how it works and what happens with UV maps.

well, original IT models have pretty hard-to-paint UV maps... i use my own models and my own UV maps, but if this way works for my models - it will work for original IT models too :3
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Unsure how to word this
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