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 Credits Box Code

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PostSubject: Credits Box Code   Tue May 17, 2016 12:23 pm

Ok hi
today in God makes a thread, you gonna learn how to make a CREDIT BOX IN GAME. Bc like, admit it, who reads the credits on the forum, when credits in game are much more convenient.

It'll look something like this
first in MagixGUI find: void showtargetbiobox(bool flag)
Above it, paste this:

Now search for void update(const FrameEvent &evt) in MagixGUI again
Scroll down and you will find 
under it, put updateCreditsBox();

Now search for this in MagixGUI 
if(mGameStateManager->getGameState()==GAMESTATE_STARTSCREEN && logoCount<=5)
Scroll down a lil and you should find 
Put mButton[BUTTON_CREDITS]->hide();    under that
Now if you go down a bit more you'll see
now put mButton[BUTTON_CREDITS]->show();    under that too

Again in MagixGUI, search bool skipLogo()
Where it says
under this put 

Search if(mHoverButton==mButton[BUTTON_MULTIPLAYER]) //multiplayer game

Above it, put this:

you should probably define the button or something at this point so
Find where it says BUTTON_MULTIPLAYER, right click, and click on "GO to definition" 
There should be a massive list of..defines for buttons. 
Find BUTTON_MULTIPLAYER, and put BUTTON_CREDITS, under it and under THAT put BUTTON_CREDITSBOX, (remember the ,) 

Find //CharScreenGUI

Above this, put
aight now you need to define the scroller and mover.
So go back up to the top of MagixGUI until you find a huge list of SCROLLER_ defines
Put SCROLLER_CREDITSBOX, under one of them
Above the scroller defines should be MOVER defines. Put MOVER_CREDITSBOX, under one of them too.

Okay now search 
vector<unsigned short>::type friendBoxListButton;
Under it, put:
vector<String>::type CreditsBoxList;
vector<unsigned short>::type CreditsBoxListButton;

honestly I totally forgot how much code this feature contains, i thought it was less than this im sorry

aight so search //StartScreenGUI 
and you should see:
Under this, put

We are halfway there

K now search
void updateTargetBioBox()

Above this, put

Now search
void refreshBio()
Above this put:

Now search
void updateSkillText(const Skill *skill)

Above it, put:

Search for 
void toggleShowFriendBox()
Above it, put :

Oh and you need to define the GUI
Find GUI_HOMEBOX, at the top of MagixGUI and then paste under it,

This SHOULD be everything. There's a ton of stuff here so, recompile, and if something is missing, do tell me and I'll update the thread..somehow. I'll make a new account idk

Now go to your overlays folder and open gui.overlay
Right at the bottom of the whole file, make a new line, and paste:

Lastly, make a new file in notepad or likewise, and write your credits. For now just write "test". Save it as "credits.list" (DO NOT RENAME THIS FILE it MUST be credits.list) Make sure you save it as 'all files'. Just MAKE SURE that it is saved as .list, and not list.txt or other. I think you get the message.
Now when you load the game, you should see credits button on the start screen. Click on it, and you should see the word "test", and the scroller, and the button to exit the box, and you should be able to move the box around.

Mkay now change the credits.list file to whatever credits that you have.
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PostSubject: Re: Credits Box Code   Tue May 17, 2016 1:04 pm

Thank you for sharing this! Very helpful!
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Credits Box Code
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