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 Centelleo, a trip down memory lane

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Game username : -redeye-
Server : KITO
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PostSubject: Centelleo, a trip down memory lane   Wed May 18, 2016 7:22 pm

First topic message reminder :

So Centelleo apparently has amnesia about what she has done throughout time and has no idea why I've elected to permanently ban with no chance of parole. I'll start off with saying that this community is toxic because of a few people.

Currently Centelleo is trying to sneak and provoke a response, neither which is working as she hoped it would.
I'll start with what is currently going on in the community and go backwards in time. I'll be bringing other members into this, so you might get mentioned.

Today Centelleo sent this email, which was respectful enough to grant a response:
Quote :
No xD I'm tired of hearing people such as Vi and Kawoie and War and Furrest in my Skype whining about you so I wanted to hear your side of things.

And I uh..didn't understand the reference "sit on your hands" had meant anything. It sounded like a joke at the time?? Unless it was sarcasm or something because I don't pick that up very well. Believe me if you flat out told me to just 'not comment about Cal at all' I would have done as you asked. I'm sorry if that was what you meant, I wouldn't have just done it to piss you off.


On 18 May 2016 at 18:31, RedEye <****@*****> wrote:

   So you're leaving now?

   [11-05-2016 20:46:31] Centelleo: Then what do i do about the ones who are going to make a thread bringing up me and cal?
   [11-05-2016 20:46:52] RedEye: you'll sit on your hands

   Please tell me how you misunderstood that.

   On Wed, May 18, 2016 at 7:16 PM, Centelleo chells <****@*****> wrote:

       Mk hi I cba to make a new skype account so I'm just gonna use email, and I found your email on KITO so.

       I want to talk out what the problem is here. Both Virus and Kawoie have the watched ranks, and for one Vi and I aren't in good standing rn and Kawoie is just..a sack of mess who isn't sure which side to stand with if there even is one. I get that you've got a problem with them because you've got a problem with me, but that isn't uh..a great reason to give the guys the rank you know? xD

       Also uh, I apologise for accusing you of getting profit from other people's mediafire links. I found it immediately after my codes was pasted by Vi and I assumed you put it there to twist my panties and then thought that was a great idea and put it everywhere else. But turns out forumotion has a weird bug with links from mediafire so..if the whole thing is literally a glitch and you didn't install a plugin or something, then I apologise for jumping to conclusions.

       I also would like you to reconsider the whole banning charade on KITO again. Literally just a week ago you were asking me to list all the fakes I can remember and its ironic that we've gone back to that again xD I don't have anything against you but uh, as far as I can tell, as long as I'm still 'paying off the debt' by giving out free shit like I used to and continue to lay off from messing with people, I should be good? Isn't this whole thing bc of when you told me I couldn't make a new thread claiming I was Cal anyway? LOL
       I literally only thought I wasn't to make a thread and that was it. I thought telling the truth would be better drama wise? Even so, I misunderstood you if you meant to not mention myself being Cal at all and I apologise for that too.

       So, give me your side of things because I'm done with listening to 14 year olds rant about the good ol jesus of KITO. I hope to sort shit out instead of dragging it out because it's really not worth it anymore.


So today I have Virus and Kawoie the Watched rank on the basis that Virus was being real friendly with Centelleo. Kawoie copied Centelleo by sending me another flattering photoshop directly on Skype, and when asked why her response was literally Everything.. I found that Centelleo joined the Impressive Elements forum which is run by Kawoie and Virus, which worries me greatly because Centelleo already has access to a lot of user account passwords from previous servers. The issue being Centelleo has a very manipulative behavior to bring people over to her side of things on a common problem and she then screw them over later.

Worse is that Impressive Elements was originally owned by Nowe, which is Kahara's bf. And Kahara has been impersonating Onowl/Superfeesh since 2012. Read more about that here: http://arokai-game.deviantart.com/journal/Some-Clarification-RIPInPieces-609239338.

On the day I choose to ban she choose to ignore my direct warnings about verifying she was indeed Cal.
Quote :
[11-05-2016 20:44:27] Centelleo: If I make a thread on kito being all like "BTW I'm cal" can you lock it xD
[11-05-2016 20:44:48] RedEye: open that can of worms and you're out
[11-05-2016 20:45:02] Centelleo: LOL
[11-05-2016 20:45:16] RedEye: even if "cal" appears,
[11-05-2016 20:45:31] Centelleo: Them shitbags from the thread were planning on making a thread about it
[11-05-2016 20:45:46] Centelleo: I just don't want more fucking drama red
[11-05-2016 20:45:56] RedEye: don't start any then
[11-05-2016 20:46:24] RedEye: there's enough stuff around out there that points at you being Cal
[11-05-2016 20:46:31] Centelleo: Then what do i do about the ones who are going to make a thread bringing up me and cal?
[11-05-2016 20:46:52] RedEye: you'll sit on your hands
Now, Centelleo is from the UK, so she's perfectly able to understand English.

Once I woke up I read http://www.kitopen.com/t4312-our-explanation and I banned Centelleo, removed her from my Skype and strapped in for her attacks.
centelleo wrote:
a) Yes I'm Cal, but that's obvious at this point.

Her invention of Cal came from her hating a person called Jack (and a person called Freeman), a member of this community, now Jack was giving death threats and over the top cyberbullying and Centelleo was on a crusade.

I deployed extended monitoring on the forum and was able to verify back in September that Centelleo was indeed Cal. The Centelleo/Cal mix hackings however stopped once I invited Centelleo back into KITO on a watched trial.

She hacked Impressive World:
Sajination wrote:
After recent events of more hacking conducted by Centelleo and her "hacking team" (so to say), the IW staff team has issued some warning about securing your account and making sure it cannot be hacked.

Recently, if you did not know, Centelleo and Laxy hacked SoE forums. What we know thus far is that Centelleo used to decrypt Cwalk's password from IT, and it his password is similar to that of other servers such as IW and SoE. Because of this, it was easy for Centelleo to hack into Cwalk's account and do what she did to the forum. She then banned people in SoE and other things similar to what she did with IW.

Because of this, we now know that Centelleo has the IT server files and has decrypted them, and if she does the same to the IW server files, she can hack many accounts.

Now, our warning to you players is to change your password. Do not keep your password for multiple games, have it different for each game. If you change your password, it will secure your account and make it harder to be hacked.
We also advise you not to go to the copy forum, or go to the old IW forum, as it is controlled by Centelleo and has some dodgy links on it.

In regard to hacking - yes, it is still going on. However, we are working to stop it very soon. If you need proof, this was taken from the chatlog, showing that the accounts "Jayfeathers" and "Scathingice" were hacked by Centelleo.

Line 125805: (82)scathingice: [jayfeathers]: this is centelleo
Line 125958: (82)scathingice: [witacha]: hehuehuehue. this is centelleo. hacking accounts

We hope you take our advise into consideration, as we would hate it for anyone else to get hacked.
Sajination wrote:
It seems we have yet more bad news for you. Yesterday, as some of you may know, Wolfess' account was hacked by Centelleo (former staff member). Centelleo on Wolfess' account trolled, dropped items, kicked people, etc. We solved this by banning Wolfess' account so that Centelleo could not access it again. However, shortly after doing so, she hacked another account, this time a moderator. She then gave that account to Keesha, who then told a member she had hacked the account.
Here is our proof, taken from the chatlog:

Line 3258: (5)Darnell: [zakwolf101]: this is Keesha/furueru LOL
Line 3263: (5)Darnell: [zakwolf101]: cent gave me the password to this acc
Line 3388: (5)Darnell: [zakwolf101]: i changed the pass so it wouldnt be changed again    

As you can see from that, it pretty much explains what happened.

We would like you to know that this does not mean the end of IW. Instead, we will be working hard to eradicate these hackers from the server and return things to normal.

However, for those who have been banned by Centelleo on staff accounts for no reason, please send a message to EndlessStory through the forum, and you will be unbanned.

Thank you for your patience.
Sajination wrote:
Yes, these episodes of hacking are still going on, and at the moment, it seems almost relentless. We've decided to inform you, yet again, of the situation and warn you about certain things to watch out for within the game and on the forum.

It has come to our attention that a fake copy forum has been created, which is exactly the same as this one.

However, that copy forum has a different URL that ends in .tk. We urge you to not click on this forum or go near it, and above all, if you do click on it, do NOT, login. If you happen to login, the website will save your username and password and send it to the person who created the forum (who we believe to be Centelleo). So therefore, if you log into this forum, your account with consequently be hacked. So make sure you stay far away from that forum, and make sure to check the URL of each forum carefully so you know which one is real and which one is not.

Remember that this http://impressiveworld.kamrbb.ru/ is our official forum, and no other.

~IW Staff

Centelleo hacked and trashed Sanctum of Eventide http://www.kitopen.com/t1197-centello-and-friends-wannebe-hackers-personal-shoutout-from-maniac-owner-of-soe

Centelleo, as the avatar of Cal, also went on to tricking a staffer of Arzulent into turning over a lot of user accounts with passwords http://www.kitopen.com/t3915-warning-about-cal-and-arzulent
What her manipulation came to here was that Centelleo warned Arzulent about Cal, so she warned them about herself to make it look like she was without fault.

Now with all this in mind, then read Centelleo's thread about herself as Cal: http://www.kitopen.com/t3838-the-adventures-of-cal

I've forgotten a few servers, but to quote from Centelleo as Cal herself:
Centelleo wrote:
land of the wolves, chat-it, auroara, then dragons den, attempted Azop, call of the ferals, and probably several others

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Posts : 108
Join date : 2015-04-22

PostSubject: Re: Centelleo, a trip down memory lane   Fri May 20, 2016 10:28 am

Witacha, I gave her a chance to change yourself from the 2013th year, and what do we see? All the same.
Each her rash act justifies it's such snotty speeches. And guess what? Each of us tried to forget it, each of us is trying to move forward and work for pleasure, but each time she returned from break-ins, she reminded of himself.
Many of the IW team tried talk with her one-on-one, each of them, she promised to correct herself and more not to engage , but in the end only betrayed and many went out of the team because of this ... They're just tired of looking at the way Cent destroy what they loved to do most.
And, I'm not an exception...

Centelleo made too many bad things to just forgive her and give another chance. Spent all confidence limits and expectations...And, just advice: Her problems - not your life, make creative interesting things on your own server, show all their achievements...Your time is not worth the problems of Cent.
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Game username : Allen (or VerserA)
Server : Impressive Space
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Age : 21
Location : Russia

PostSubject: Re: Centelleo, a trip down memory lane   Fri May 20, 2016 10:52 am

As she said that she is Cal, soo...This is her off page on VK site and sometimes "Cal" come to her page and started tell to her rough stuff...I think this all she made only for creating a feeling of pity...?
But it remains for me to wildness, and yeah, just show it for KITO to understand with what we encounter

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Game username : Wolfess
Server : CoA, GoD
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Age : 27
Location : PTZ

PostSubject: Re: Centelleo, a trip down memory lane   Fri May 20, 2016 11:30 am

Witacha wrote:

<<if you had issues with cent why not just talk face to face with her >>

because just bringing this here isn't going to solve anything.

Ahah -sorry I couldn't help it -
For kindda 3 years me and not only me were trying to terminate the matter in private. And what you know? It wasn't much of a help she kept doing what she did, involving more and more servers\people into her drama show, but unlike us she made a show out of that every time making pitiful posts about how everybody harm her little feelings, never taking into the account the fact that she is not the only one who has feelings.

Poor girl just has too much free time I guess.

I don't think it would solve anything, not until there are people who trust her and sympathize her in any ways.The purpose of this topic, as I see it, is to make people aware, to make people know with whom or probably what they are dealing with and all those who had suffered from Cent's "work" has a right to make their word of her here for others to know, and not make it a private affair,because that considering all the experiences never helped.
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Game username : FagonStar
Server : Impressive Whatchamacallit
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PostSubject: Re: Centelleo, a trip down memory lane   Fri May 20, 2016 3:43 pm

Witacha does kinda have a point though, talking about someone behind their back doesn't really solve anything. Yes, I know, letting people know who she is and what she's done is important, but I think Redeye already accomplished that. I just think that maybe this should be locked. Not deleted or basket-ed, but just locked.

/braces for hate-storm/
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PostSubject: Re: Centelleo, a trip down memory lane   

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Centelleo, a trip down memory lane
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