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 delete please old

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Game username : Zombie
Server : Mythical Realms (Co-Admin)
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Join date : 2013-01-26
Age : 27
Location : Snowdin & Alternia

PostSubject: delete please old   Wed Jun 22, 2016 6:06 am

Hi there, we're needing a few things coded for the Mythical Realms server. Whether it be a one time commission or if you're interested in a staff position.

Willing to pay in various forms, so don't hesitate to let us know your prices.
Paypal, DeviantArt Points, Steam
Or maybe even trading content if you own a server yourself. (Can offer maps/particles)

What we need coded:
- Two markings for each body part
- Different colors for each marking

Other things we'd like done:
- NPCs
- Quests
- Shops
- Currency

Feel free to post here, drop me a pm or contact me via Skype.
If you'd like any more information about the server before working, feel free to ask.

Skype: Zombie.Kitteh
(The one that says they live in Snowdin)

Mythical Realms is a in progress server aiming to release near the end of July. We'd like to offer a variety of content to our player base and have frequent updates. We've kept a few of the original IT maps with revamps. MR currently has nine original maps finished with a goal of fourteen additional maps by release. The world of MR will be vast with it's own lore you can learn over time by interacting with the world. There's also options for players to have private maps added by application for their own roleplays or needs. We want MR to be enjoyable for all players, whether they enjoy collecting items, fighting prey or roleplaying. MR also has a few, interesting goodies you'll come to find in due time.
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delete please old
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