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 Warning about Saii, Jenxie13, VannAkins, Chesire Cat

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Server : Last Moon(http://lastmoon.org), Dawn of Eternity(http://dawn-of-eternity.com)
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PostSubject: Warning about Saii, Jenxie13, VannAkins, Chesire Cat   Sun Aug 21, 2016 6:55 pm

First topic message reminder :

So let's start with the fact that I don't even want to make this thread, I was hoping these people would just give up and fuck off on their own but it's clear they're not going to. I assume it's because they don't have a life and have a hard time finding something better to do with their time.
So I'm basically forced to start taking action against them now since they clearly don't know when it's time to stop and find something better to do.

I'm not even really involved in IT and haven't been for over a year so I don't pay enough attention to all the shit going on unless it gets so far that it affects me.

I can't be bothered writing an entire essay about all the drama surrounding them so I'm just going to sum things up and keep things short, I'm sure they'll want to bring up every single detail but I can't be bothered and don't even care enough to remember.

Saii ( was hired as staff, then quit, then given another chance and then fired again for talking shit about other staff.

Jenxie13 ( was hired as staff then quit for, I don't even know.

VannAkins ( is angry about how LM is run and wanted to buy LM for $100(lol) and with the condition she could fire all the staff.

Chesire Cat (, not even sure what they're angry about but they sure seem angry.

There's more people in the group but they mostly just seem to talk trash and not really do anything.

Right now they're plotting on how to attack me and make me look bad, the only reason they haven't already posted on KITO about me is because they have fuck all to post about because I haven't done anything to them other than been an ass. Me being an insensitive, politically incorrect, ass isn't exactly news to anyone around here. They're also looking for ways to attack LM, they really want to take it down for some reason.

So what have they been up to? They started with abusing the website for restarting the server and spamming it to cause the website to go down and the server to restart over and over.
(hitler is chesire cat)

2016-07-20.22:10:53 [CHAT] Jenxie13: aw.
2016-07-20.22:10:55 [CHAT] hitler: damn it dean
2016-07-20.22:10:58 [CHAT] Jenxie13: LOL.
2016-07-20.22:10:59 [CHAT] hitler: u fucked up the website
2016-07-20.22:11:06 [CHAT] Jenxie13: i owuld be down for a stripper rp (;
This is from one of the occasions when they were doing it, they did this multiple times until I had to put a password on the site. I can provide access logs but I doubt anyone here would even understand them so I think the ingame chat logs suffice.

Next up Jenxie found characters which didn't have their mod powers removed

2016-07-26.00:02:32 [CHAT] Jenxie13: my name is dick(:
2016-07-26.00:02:35 [CHAT] Jenxie13: (((((((((:
2016-07-26.00:02:45 [CHAT] Jenxie13: ok
2016-07-26.00:02:49 [CHAT] Jenxie13: (:
2016-07-26.00:06:09 [CHAT] Jenxie13: ungh i'm bored
2016-07-26.00:06:10 [CHAT] Jenxie13: bye
2016-07-27.02:26:46 [CHAT] Jenxie13: i
2016-07-27.02:26:47 [CHAT] Jenxie13: lol
2016-07-27.02:28:48 [CHAT] Jenxie13: lol omg
2016-07-27.02:29:41 [CHAT] Jenxie13: ;1succsuccsuccsuccsucc
2016-07-27.02:29:43 [CHAT] Jenxie13: holy shittt
2016-07-27.02:29:57 [CHAT] Jenxie13: :)))))))))
2016-07-27.02:30:25 [CHAT] Jenxie13: I wonder what other characters this is still on
2016-07-27.02:30:26 [CHAT] Jenxie13: brb
2016-07-27.02:31:33 [CHAT] Jenxie13: hlkajskkk
2016-07-27.02:31:37 [CHAT] Jenxie13: this is fine(":
2016-07-27.02:31:49 [CHAT] Jenxie13: I wasn't even gonna get on either of these character
2016-07-27.02:31:55 [CHAT] Jenxie13: s
2016-07-27.02:36:00 [CHAT] Jenxie13:
2016-07-27.02:36:04 [CHAT] Jenxie13: yep they all work lolol
2016-07-27.02:36:07 [CHAT] Jenxie13: this is great.
2016-07-27.02:36:13 [CHAT] Jenxie13: srry babes i wanted to test something
2016-07-27.02:36:16 [CHAT] Jenxie13: aw man yea
2016-07-27.02:36:18 [CHAT] Jenxie13: it's 10/10
2016-07-27.02:36:28 [CHAT] Jenxie13: hell begins(:
2016-07-27.02:36:33 [CHAT] Jenxie13: nojk
2016-07-27.02:37:04 [CHAT] Jenxie13: Honestly I didn't even know these characters still had them
2016-07-27.02:37:17 [CHAT] Jenxie13: I just noticed while trying to get to thekla that they had the glowy aura
2016-07-27.02:37:28 [CHAT] Jenxie13: and so I was like "....wait a minute"
2016-07-27.02:37:43 [CHAT] Jenxie13: They took it off the other characters that had the tags tho
2016-07-27.02:37:49 [CHAT] Jenxie13: like jenxie oli and one or two others
2016-07-27.02:39:38 [CHAT] Jenxie13: tryin
2016-07-27.02:39:42 [CHAT] Jenxie13: I can't rememebre the command
2016-07-27.02:39:43 [CHAT] Jenxie13: OH
2016-07-27.02:39:45 [CHAT] Jenxie13: how long?
2016-07-27.02:39:58 [CHAT] Jenxie13: lol omg are you sure
2016-07-27.02:40:06 [CHAT] Jenxie13: ok bb
2016-07-27.02:40:10 [CHAT] Jenxie13: I'll see if it works
2016-07-27.02:43:29 [CHAT] Jenxie13: I'm laughing so much
2016-07-27.02:43:42 [CHAT] Jenxie13: LOL
2016-07-27.02:45:24 [CHAT] Jenxie13: oh god i pressed enter
2016-07-27.02:45:31 [CHAT] Jenxie13: sei does it still do it even if you don't have a reason
2016-07-27.02:45:48 [CHAT] Jenxie13: my skype crashed):
2016-07-27.02:45:50 [CHAT] Jenxie13: oh BOY
2016-07-27.02:46:00 [CHAT] Jenxie13: let me boot up skype again real quick
2016-07-27.02:46:17 [CHAT] Jenxie13: well want me to test?
2016-07-27.02:46:27 [CHAT] Jenxie13: let me try it on myself
2016-07-27.02:46:30 [CHAT] Jenxie13: well
2016-07-27.02:46:40 [CHAT] Jenxie13: that might not be a good idea to do it to my self LOL
2016-07-27.02:46:52 [CHAT] Jenxie13: omg
2016-07-27.02:47:06 [CHAT] Jenxie13: mmm no it doesn't work thank lord
2016-07-27.02:47:16 [CHAT] Jenxie13: I was so worried
2016-07-27.02:47:20 [CHAT] Jenxie13: I didn't want to press enter
2016-07-27.02:47:57 [CHAT] Jenxie13: said it on skype lol
2016-07-27.02:48:15 [CHAT] Jenxie13: you don't need to call on skype 24/7
2016-07-27.02:48:18 [CHAT] Jenxie13: you can just type
2016-07-27.02:53:53 [CHAT] Jenxie13: sup
2016-07-27.02:54:08 [CHAT] Jenxie13: not much, you?
2016-07-27.02:54:33 [CHAT] Jenxie13: that's good to hear
2016-07-27.02:55:40 [CHAT] Jenxie13: lol

After realizing this she decided to give her account information to Saii who then logged into it and started banning all the players she could find.

2016-07-27.02:39:25 2 Jenxie13: saii;1;minute;i think I swallowed a penis
2016-07-27.02:39:35 2 Jenxie13: saii;1;minute;i think I swallowed a penis
2016-07-27.02:40:24 2 Jenxie13: Saii;1000;year;i think i swallowed a penis
2016-07-27.02:45:08 2 Jenxie13: Dutchval;10;year;
2016-07-27.02:47:00 2 Jenxie13: Jenxie13;1;minute;
2016-07-27.02:49:19 2 Jenxie13: Ted Cruz;5;minute;succ my peen
2016-07-27.02:51:03 2 Jenxie13: Ted Cruz;5;minute;succ my peen
2016-07-27.02:51:32 2 Jenxie13: Ted Cruz;1;hour;succ my peen
2016-07-27.03:10:06 2 Jenxie13: Ted Cruz;10;year;LM's goin down.
2016-07-27.03:12:07 2 Jenxie13: XxWolvesxX;10;year;LM's goin down.
2016-07-27.03:13:58 2 Jenxie13: Foreverwolves;10;year;LM's goin down.
2016-07-27.03:15:21 2 Jenxie13: Dubstepwolf13;10;year;LM's goin down.
2016-07-27.03:15:48 2 Jenxie13: RosaBell9505;10;year;Fuck you and your questions.
2016-07-27.03:16:15 2 Jenxie13: GET SHREKT;10;year;LM's goin down.
2016-07-27.03:16:37 2 Jenxie13: Sanctum;10;year;LM's goin down.
2016-07-27.03:17:13 2 Jenxie13: DubstepiC;10;year;Trump is taking over.
2016-07-27.03:18:09 2 Jenxie13: AshyGhost;10;year;LM's goin down.
2016-07-27.03:18:22 2 Jenxie13: WaffleWolfz;10;year;LM's goin down.
2016-07-27.03:19:05 2 Jenxie13: Shadethecat97;10;year;LM's goin down.
2016-07-27.03:19:51 2 Jenxie13: Redddog;10;year;LM's goin down.
2016-07-27.03:19:57 2 Jenxie13: Reddog;10;year;LM's goin down.
2016-07-27.03:20:08 2 Jenxie13: ReddDog;10;year;LM's goin down.
2016-07-27.03:20:31 2 Jenxie13: Ashlynn4560;10;year;LM's goin down.
2016-07-27.03:20:48 2 Jenxie13: Mikeychu;10;year;LM's goin down.
2016-07-27.03:21:00 2 Jenxie13: CocoaCup;10;year;LM's goin down.
2016-07-27.03:21:11 2 Jenxie13: ReddDog;10;year;LM's goin down.
2016-07-27.03:21:48 2 Jenxie13: ReddDog;10;year;LM's goin down.
2016-07-27.03:21:54 5 Jenxie13: ReddDog;Shrieking Hill;0;3967.96 518.277 1556.63
2016-07-27.03:22:18 2 Jenxie13: animaljam7995;10;year;LM's goin down.
2016-07-27.03:23:11 2 Jenxie13: Chris the alpha;10;year;LM's goin down.
2016-07-27.03:23:43 2 Jenxie13: Ralarth;10;year;LM's goin down.
2016-07-27.03:24:59 2 Jenxie13: Lilahrose124;10;year;LM's goin down.
2016-07-27.03:26:00 2 Jenxie13: Lilahrose124;10;year;LM's goin down.

The next step of their master plan was to attack the google doc used by developers, editing and filling it with porn, not sure which one of them did it since it was open to edit for anyone but since the only staff name not messed with was Jenxie's I'm going to go ahead and guess it was her.

They've also posted multiple threads on the LM forums slandering me and other staff, the most serious accusation which they're really pushing is them trying to make me look like a pedophile because I was flirty with friend who happens to be a 16 year old which they claim was 15, then 14 and by the time it gets here it'll probably be a 12 year old. If anybody wants proof regarding how much bullshit this is you're free to PM me and I'll tell you who the girl is and you can ask her about it.

Right now they're demanding that I take everything they did out of the game, which is some maps. All they did for some of the maps was the heightmap and place objects while another staff member who doesn't want it taken out did all the meshes, animations, textures and content. So they're basically demanding things that they did 10% of to be removed.
I've said no because it's clearly just yet another way for them to try and attack LM, now they're threatening to sue me(lol), since they're threatening legal action against me I decided to look up their personal details since I want to know who's going to sue me, this seemed to make them even more angry, Jenxie was pointing out she was a minor so I asked to talk to her parents, she blocked me on Skype after I looked up her dad and his email, she was not a fan of that.

So now they're really angry and probably planning their next attacks to punish me and all the LM players because I'm such an insensitive ass.

So yeah, these people might look like a good staff choice for your server because they spend all day online sitting around but you shouldn't really trust them with any powers what so ever. You probably don't even want them around.
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PostSubject: Re: Warning about Saii, Jenxie13, VannAkins, Chesire Cat   Wed Aug 24, 2016 3:39 am

Wichitt wrote:

I had no interest in making Last Moon suffer, I really didn't.
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PostSubject: Re: Warning about Saii, Jenxie13, VannAkins, Chesire Cat   Wed Aug 24, 2016 11:04 am

Dutchval wrote:
Meadowstar01 wrote:
...How many times has this situation happened now? ._.

What do you mean this situation? If you're referring to the fact that they attacked us without warning, then around 4-5 times within the past half-year.

I am referring to past situations, which were very similar to this one (Impressive World, as a bigger and probably messier example).

This sort of thing has happened so many times throughout the four years that I've been here, that it's not even funny.
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Very Helpful

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PostSubject: Re: Warning about Saii, Jenxie13, VannAkins, Chesire Cat   Wed Aug 24, 2016 12:45 pm

It happens.

Not everyone gets along - it's as simple as that. Not every staff team is going to run smoothly with everyone being best buddies. Conflict is always going to be present in real life and on the internet - it's how people learn to deal with conflict that's important.

Take IT servers for example.

Most people of an IT server staff team have never met in real life and don't live very close to each other. This means that virtually every single thing relating to the staff and the server is done via the internet.

This wouldn't be a problem if people conducted themselves on the internet much more like they do in real life. Because you can be so much more anonymous on the internet; profile picture of whatever you want, no body language to work with, no actual social interaction and proper face-to-face communication... people on the net tend to be less reserved because they're only typing away on a screen, not talking to a person that's standing right in front of them.

Manners and tact tend to go flying out the window. Aggression reaches new heights. Misunderstandings run rampant as people try to interpret the 'tone' of someone's typed words - this is especially bad if someone has little to no social skills or there's a language barrier.

People need to learn that just because you're behind a screen it doesn't mean you shouldn't treat the other people on the net like garbage. Keep in mind that behind every screen is a real person who thinks and feels. If you wouldn't act a certain way or say certain things to someone's face if they were in front of you then don't do it on the internet.

Conflict is everywhere - please don't add to it.
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PostSubject: Re: Warning about Saii, Jenxie13, VannAkins, Chesire Cat   Tue Sep 13, 2016 7:02 pm

here for the last post
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PostSubject: Re: Warning about Saii, Jenxie13, VannAkins, Chesire Cat   Wed Sep 14, 2016 12:41 am

In Real Life I have hired and fired people. I have also been hired and fired. That did not give me the right to demand that all work I did for the company be returned to me or destroyed.

When things don't go your way you move on. If you make a mistake then you make sure you have learnt from it. If you feel you were treated unjustly, take it as a lesson learnt and again move on.

Not everyone in the world will like you and you will definitely not like all the people you deal with. But you can always remain civil, courteous and especially professional in how you deal with others.

Last Moon, as with all these IT servers is a free to play game. The owners pay the bills. Maybe you will get the occasional donation but that can't be relied on. It is not a money making business but instead a money pit sometimes.

Why do you make a server? Definitely not for the prestige. Obey and I do it for the fun we have fun sitting together and trying to express ourselves in our game. The game is for her and I to play, but we let anyone play as long as they follow our rules.

We have staff that help us manage the players. Many staff and players have come and gone and we have met many nice people and some not so nice.

I think the people involved in this thread need to read ObeyTheFist's last comment and the admins for KITO kindly lock this thread from further responses.

Play nice people.
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PostSubject: Re: Warning about Saii, Jenxie13, VannAkins, Chesire Cat   

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Warning about Saii, Jenxie13, VannAkins, Chesire Cat
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