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 RakNet Error - LNK2038 and LNK2001

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PostSubject: RakNet Error - LNK2038 and LNK2001   Fri Nov 11, 2016 10:04 pm

Hello Community of KITO,

In recommence of KatyeKitty, should I post my Problem here. Well I get an error saying that the Version with my installed RakNet don't match with the one the Source Code needs when I try to rebuild it.

Those are the Errors I get:
(I'm sorry they're in German but I can send them also in English if you want.)
RakNet Error:

Well maybe it would be a Solution when I deinstall the whole Visual Studio 2013 and reinstall everything. But how can I get sure that I install the right version of RakNet this time? And maybe is there a easier way to reinstall a library than reinstall the whole programing environment?
Thank you for taking the time with my issue.

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RakNet Error - LNK2038 and LNK2001
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