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 Guide/ How to rig a critter from OIT model

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3D Modeler

Game username : Witacha
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PostSubject: Guide/ How to rig a critter from OIT model   Sun Nov 20, 2016 9:21 pm

Heyo guys heres a new tutorial for ya !
I'll be using Blender 2.49
This tutorial will show you how to rig your model to an OIT rig (I will be using the Zebra one)
and how to make it work on your IT server !

Prepare your model

First open your blender and your file
(follow the images)

Select your model in object mode and follow the image to make the texture and the material


Select the zebra and delete it

"your model"

Edit mode "S"

Ground, Rotate: R

Almost done !

E to extract

Type "1" to get in front mode

Select the model first

Armatures must be in edit mode -> then select the armature

CTRL + P : Armature

Create from bone heat

Fix the Animation

Go to Timeline and Action Editor

As you can tell the tail is wtf so we are going to fix that, select the armature and go to
Pose mode

In action editor select the Tails

Then delete them

go to timeline and click on the red dot, it's to record the movements

make sure the green line is at the right end it's where the animation start

Then select one of the bone of the tail and move it

The tails bone must be all blue (move them as your need)
The first frame is the first position the model will have when starting moving
so it's important that you set the bones movements for them to move properly

to animate the tail move the green line to the next frame which is symbolised by this yellow thing and then select the bone of the tail and move it

then re move the green line to the next frame and move the tail again
it'll record it's movement

then do it again for it to animate properly at the end the position of the tail should be the same as the beginning

Then test it don't forget to set the End: number

then repeat the same step for the next animations


select Script Window

then Ogre Meshes

Be in object mode select the model + the armature and click on "Update"

Click on "add"
(the add all is an addon)

Add all the animations which are

Then go to material section
tick "Export material" change the name.material and tick "Rendering Materials"
Then do the same as i did for the export section and click on select

go to OgreCommandLineTools

Then click on Export directory

Then click on Export


Go to your CommandLineTools folder and select .mesh.xml and move it to ogreXMLConverter
Then do the same for Skeleton

Then move your files into your game's folder
Set the critter to Cd1
and test it in game:

As you can tell the weight paint wasn't set where the polygon goes crazy so we are going to fix it

Weight Painting Fix

First be in pose mode and select the bone where the polygon went crazy

Then select the model

go to weight painting mode

Type "N" and paint the red is where the weight paint will affect

To remove the weight paint click on "0"

To fix the crazy polygon go to view> set clipping border

Voila !

If you have any question feel free to ask them in the comment section !
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PostSubject: Re: Guide/ How to rig a critter from OIT model   Wed Nov 30, 2016 2:42 pm

OMG thank you very much, Witacha, it's really helpful! Smile
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Guide/ How to rig a critter from OIT model
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