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 Spelling, Grammar and Punctuation on your forum

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PostSubject: Spelling, Grammar and Punctuation on your forum   Fri Dec 02, 2016 5:23 am

Hello there!

Did the thread title interest you? Want to know what I'm talking about? Sit back and read then~

So you want to start up your own Impressive Title server or you already have one?

You'll have a website to go with it of course. And you want that website to look really good and attract more players, right? Right! (Honestly, who doesn't?)

One of the things I notice people often don't put as much work into as they should is the basic literacy on their site.

Having words that aren't spelt correctly, sentences that don't flow quite right or punctuation in the wrong places (or missing!) can seriously affect how people view your site, you, your staff team etc.

Professional language will show members that you are a capable person, both for running the forum and the game, while bad literacy will show members that you don't put much effort into your work, are lazy/don't care and there may be mistakes in your game as well.

Now some people don't have English as their native language and so may make mistakes. Some people just aren't the best at English, even if they are a native speaker.

So what can you do about it?

If you'd like your site to look a bit more professional regarding the language then I'd be happy to lend a hand. To save me from registering to a million different sites, I would much rather you send me either a screenshot or formatted text file with anything you would like checked over for English mistakes and I'll send you a formatted text file back with fixes and possibly suggestions.

Will it cost you anything?

No. I'm doing this because I have a quirk about seeing bad literacy and I like fixing it when I can. I don't ask for anything, just a little spot on your credits list saying I did help out. Very Happy


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Spelling, Grammar and Punctuation on your forum
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