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Game username : Jonty
Server : Remember Me
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Age : 18

PostSubject: Remember Me is LOOKING FOR ADMINS   Fri Jan 06, 2017 2:04 am

Hello everyone!~ Remember Me is a new IT server by Jonty and it is currently looking for admins to test it out! RM is a new IT server named for the experience of nostalgia from the original Impressive Title, created by KovuLKD, and has an interesting backstory. We want the game to live on and hopefully have people from oIT come back to reconnect with their old friends. The release date of the download is unknown now, but it should be soon!

Since I'm new to creating maps and items, I am also welcoming a design team to help out. Also, since I'm a lovely person I decided to be generous, and put the design team applicants on the list to be possible mods or admins someday!~

Remember Me is almost exactly like the old Impressive Title game, because it is meant to create nostalgia from original IT. All of the old IT maps, models, markings, prey, etc will be staying. Because I want this to be like oIT, there won't be too much new things added. So there's no new maps, but there will be a few items and prey will be edited slightly. For example, black rabbits, white kittens, etc. I will think about adding some new prey as well. I'll still try to possibly make a few new maps and some prey, but chances are they won't be released for a while as I'm still new to this. Some maps will also have new music! I'm pretty sure you'll all love the one I added to Ascension Island Wink

Please check the warden (admin) applications in the Applications section to apply. The server hopefully will be up to download once the staff testing is done. I'd love for this server to grow and get new members, so I really hope to get some applicants!
Join us at http://rememberme-it.freeforums.net !
Hope to see you there!
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