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 clouddome and tree rendering questions

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PostSubject: clouddome and tree rendering questions   Sun Jan 08, 2017 9:30 pm

k so...numbero uno is:

I'm trying to make the game switch the clouddome materials (ie cloudtexture) based on which weather is currently going on in a map.

I've attempted it by similar means as my grass length code.

if (weatherCycle=="Rain")

et cetra.

This...yielded no errors, but it also didn't work either. bummer. when i swapped == for just =, the error finally came back up. always erroring, never working. it says it needs a bool i guess i just wasn't understanding it as well as i thought. :\ lol
So yeah...
thoughts? ideas? help?

Another issue I'm kinda just...I'm sure I had the right place in the code for it but everytime I remember to go look at it, its late and i'm tired and text starts looking all blurry XD

But I wanted to uh...stop the game from loaded trees, rocks, and other stagnant meshes like that...if they were far away from the player.
It's bugged me about the game since oIT, really. I'm in a big map filled with objects...and it lags if i so much as peak across the full breadth of the map because it's loading aaalllll the objects in the map. it's gotten better on my newer computer, but it's still noticeable. esp for those objects that are in that...gray area. where they are in the fog but not close enough to see the texture so it's like...a tree shaped void in the fog. it looks...weird. lol
is it tied directly into the players view distance or is it something separate?

I like understanding this stuff more than just a quick fix (ie "i'll do it for you for $$") but if your willing to hand it to me in the form of directions i can put code in myself, i'm fine with it being through commission. but uh...maybe lets save that for if normal help doesn't come through, yeah? lol
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clouddome and tree rendering questions
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