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 [a bunch of stuff] zin does things

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Game username : zinnia
Server : onibi project
Posts : 93
Join date : 2016-10-21
Location : unova

PostSubject: [a bunch of stuff] zin does things   Sun Mar 12, 2017 3:29 am

hey gamers its your local fox here to make a commission thread
anyways i have no idea how to be professional so stick with me

stuff i do

  • art
  • textures (prey, objects, terrian)
  • i can make forum layouts look kinda pretty
  • rigging critters
  • models (im still working on making lowpoly ones)

my self confidence is.. pretty bad so i usually undercharge into oblivion so if prices are wonky and you have suggestions please tell me :0

i accept da points and paypal ($1=100 points)

keep in mind that my artstyle of. everything is incredibly stylized and cartoony so if youre looking for realism im not your guy

art examples

fullbodies: $5 (+$4 for another character, +$2 for a small companion)
halfbodies: $4 (+$3 for another character, +$2 for a small companion)
scene: $10 (up to 5 characters, adding more is $3)
example bc i only posted fullbodies up there whoops:
flash things: $7 (icon as example)

youre always free to ask if i can do something not listed :0!

ill do most critter textures for $7, and theres examples here
terrians are $1

i dont have any examples for forum layouts , but essentially its not so much the css as i make the homepage/other pages
id have examples if i just *clenches fist* finished my own forum
i really really like design so ill do these for dirt cheap just so i have an excuse to do it lmao (abt $1-$2, i can make page assets myself)

rigging is kinda hard to show examples for but.. heres an example

i could try animating but mmd (what i animate 3d stuff in normally) and blender are very different so dont expect much
i can rig smthng for like $1-$2 depending on what it is but usually $1

and then models are in the critter thread, im most familiar using sculptris so the examples tend be be high poly (5,000 is the max), but im slowly learning how to create non-block creatures in blender

WELL as i said im really bad at these types of things so if i phrased anything to vaguely please tell me bc i have trouble telling !
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[a bunch of stuff] zin does things
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