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 Primordious's Owner

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PostSubject: Primordious's Owner   Wed Apr 12, 2017 9:33 pm

Oh my, look at me back in the Warnings section.
I'll start this with a recap of my older thread about the same person that was moved to the Basket because I didn't mention their name.
I'll go without their name /in the recap/ but then say it in the newer parts.

This person, let's call her S, lied.
S lied about her identity and life. Starting from the beginning, she claimed to be a 29 year old married woman to an abusive husband with 3 kids. However, with the work of my friend and I we managed to squeeze the truth out of her and she confessed on her website. She would post OORP's of her older sister Zahara saying it was her but it wasn't. She'd say her name was Zahara. Stuff like that.
We often made inappropriate jokes around her. We knew she was lying about her age, but we hadn't guessed she'd have been 14. Knowing that she is now, we feel greatly uncomfortable that we made so many sex jokes around her. Also going to mention that she did make those jokes too, but she even went as far as rape jokes (which I personally believe is not dark humor, it's inhumane). Another person did the same and I'm not happy with that, still.
During the whole situation where she said her husband was abusive to my friend V in private, V took action to say they'll send a report to the police. She started going "No, stop! My parents will be home for a week, I can't let them see the card!" In the public Discord chat, she logged out her account and made another claiming to be her husband where she spammed and made more inhumane jokes. V sent them a private message saying they were reporting them to police and that's when they logged off and S came back.
For another point, they often showed off their little knowledge and poor grammar which caused V and I to believe they were lying about their age.

Now this person, S, is also known as Spike on their forums. Here on K.I.T.O, they go by Greywolf8888. I'm making another thread to come explain more things they've done/are doing.
On their server Primordious (that they now stopped), they didn't do anything to actually help.
Who worked on their forums? I did.
Who hosted their game? Veronique.
Who did the models and textures? Atilio/V and Tigerex.
And in the end, we didn't get much credit unless we had to tell Spike (Rosie, as she says her name is) or put our own names down. In fact, I redid the rules for them as asked and I had to edit credits in for redoing the entire thing. Now that I think about it, they didn't even have a page or forum thread regarding credits.
Also going to mention, Spike/Rosie has terrible behavior. Just about anything seems to pass off as "rude". I answered a person's question and my warning level was changed from 0 to 100 and I was banned for a month. Which is strange, because I was among the people who answered this person and only I got banned and all the others (who, like me, were staff leaving the team because of her lie) didn't. My friend from another website pointed out that she singled me out, whatever her reasoning may be. When she banned me, she also vandalized my account. I had to yell at her on another account for her to put everything back because of how disrespectful it was. On the topic that she was rude towards me, she said some things about me in private to my friend V. She said she really hated me, that I was a dick, and she hoped that someone would magically give her my game's download link (a game that wasn't even out) so she can play. I didn't let her on the forum because I didn't trust her. Then she attempted staff applications on V's website and when she was denied for not meeting the requirements, she began to bitch and whine about it and state it was because we "hated her".
Update: Also claims they were being racist to someone.
Update: Turns out they lied again. They're not 14, they're 10.

- The credits

- Raising warning from 0 to 100 for being rude

- Vandalized account

- Spoke lowly of me
(From what I hear, she also spoke lowly of me on the forums but I have no screenshots of that. I can't get any either considering she clears the shoutbox often. Like when I was telling her to put my account back to normal)

- Not accepted into Ross staff team

- Racism

This isn't a hate thread on Rosie, this is a warning thread explaining things she's done and to be cautious when you find a staff application from her.

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PostSubject: Re: Primordious's Owner   Wed Apr 12, 2017 10:05 pm

Thanks for the heads up: they don't seem like someone that I'd want to see on any server. Their behavior seems extremely suspect. I hope they find something better to do with their time.

Do you happen to have their IP address so that servers can keep them away?
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PostSubject: Re: Primordious's Owner   Wed Apr 12, 2017 10:36 pm

This sort of thing isn't that uncommon, actually. You will often see kids who know nothing about making IT servers hire a bunch of people to do everything for them. They want Others to make a cool server for them just so they can take credit for it and be the cool kid. These sorts of "teams" are often too full of drama to get any work done, since kids don't usually know how to keep control of things.

But I don't necessarily blame kids, as kids tend to be this way by nature. When one joins a team to work on the server, they must always make sure the server's owner knows what they're doing and that they actually contribute to the majority of the server's work. If not, they are likely just using you and the server isn't worth your time.

You might not always know what the owner is like at first, but once you see those red flags, you should leave the team. This is just general advice to help people avoid getting into this kind of situation.
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PostSubject: Re: Primordious's Owner   

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Primordious's Owner
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