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 List of Music Sites

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PostSubject: List of Music Sites   List of Music Sites I_icon_minitimeFri Jun 16, 2017 8:38 pm

The following list are sites where you can obtain music that is CC-0, CC-3 attribution, public domain, and otherwise able to be used openly in your IT server.

This site specializes in public domain music assets. You'll find songs from orchestra, big-band, classical, and multiple genres. Musopen does not self-check what it's users are uploading, so you'll have to at least do some digging for certain performers to make sure it's fully public domain. (you can help them and others by reporting anything that's uploaded that is found to not be covered by public domain)

This site is one of the smallest ones, with very few individual songs/sound effects to download. It's also worth noting that their terms of use are a little limited when it comes to how most IT servers use music in the first place. If you plan to use these songs/sound effects, I highly recommend using file encryption to avoid intentional(or unintentional) redistribution.

This music is free to use in most projects (including games such as IT servers) but it is not public domain. This means the artist requires that you provide a clear credit to them with a link back to the site. The license purchase link has a handy free version that will generate the full credits for you, just copy and paste them to a credits page in your game files. You can also purchase full licenses if you don't want to, or can't, place the credits within your game files. (but let's be real, there's no reason you can't do that. it's the easiest and cheapest option.)

I'm including this one more for awareness than anything else, as it was a popular choice for FeralHeart mapmakers just before KITO became a thing. Dan-o has since changed his policy regarding the use of his music and now requires the purchase of a license (by way of a $10 donation per song or a purchase of the entire package). You won't have to provide attribution for the songs after you've purchased/donated but a short credit wouldn't hurt anything.

Another smaller site. Check out the "other albums" tab for more songs. The site does request you provide an email address as it is set-up to automatically email you the download links rather than just having them openly accessed on the site. The songs are free to be used with attribution, though doesn't specify beyond videos. I recommend a file encryption here or maybe attempt contacting the artist. (the site hasn't been updated in a looonngggg time)

Most of these songs are very short, but loop well. The attribution information is right on the first page. Just provide a credit with a link back to the site. (I'm not sure IT servers fall under "post on a web site for download (as downloadable music tracks)" as it's more a file within a folder within a game download. I'd recommend at least setting any songs up in a .ogg file playlist-style)

According to the sites licensing information page, you can freely use these songs in It servers as long as you give proper attribution. Examples provided by the artist are: "Music: http://www.bensound.com/royalty-free-music or "Music: Song title - Bensound.com"

Another site the artist gives free use to their work. Just make sure to give them some proper credit/attribution in you game files. A lot of "hmm this sounds really similar to X but not enough to get me in trouble" kinds of works.

The search set-up is a little odd, perhaps. But there is a lot of good music here. Some short, some long. The artist allows free use of their work as long as you provide proper credit for it.

The link takes you to the music section, but be aware this site also hosts some decent: models, textures, sound-effects, sprites, tutorials, and possibly even more things. Similar to sites like Blendswap or MusOpen; the content is provided by the sites many users. Each of them can set their own rules when it comes to their work. Pick a song, and you'll find on the left-hand side of the page is a convenient "cc by" decal to let you know how they'd like their work managed. Some artists include detailed instructions in the music/mesh description. A lot of the stuff is very chiptune or reminiscent of older videogames but there's some orchestral type songs, electronica, and various other genres mixed in.
Set the search function to "post date" and "desc" to see the most recent uploads first.

These are just the sites I've personally bookmarked. There are many, MANY more sites for free-to-use music across the internet. If you find one you think is good, let me know. I'll add it and it's copyright/attribution requirements to this list.

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PostSubject: Re: List of Music Sites   List of Music Sites I_icon_minitimeFri Jun 16, 2017 8:48 pm

OOOoooooh thank you Hami!! i've been searching for this kind of website ! ^^
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PostSubject: Re: List of Music Sites   List of Music Sites I_icon_minitimeSat Jun 17, 2017 10:23 am

Hey, I have one for you - it's called Peritune.

It's actually Japanese, so the link I'm adding is one that went through Google Translate... it isn't perfect, but it works.


Peritune uses a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International License which means, and I quote their translated page:

""PeriTune" is a free music material website of high sound quality (MP3, 192 kbps) that you can use for free for any individual, commercial, general or adult."

"When you have printed websites · images · applications · games · pamphlets etc. please indicate credits as much as possible. It is unnecessary when using it as a BGM at the event · storefront.

Notation example: "Music material: PeriTune URL: http: http://peritune.com/"

So yeah, free to use in IT servers given proper credits.

There's some interesting stuff there and a lot of it loops nicely, so enjoy!
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PostSubject: Re: List of Music Sites   List of Music Sites I_icon_minitime

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List of Music Sites
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