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 How to change the default character colors

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PostSubject: How to change the default character colors   Tue Aug 08, 2017 8:36 pm

In MagixCharScreenManager, ctrl+f and search this:


You should see a bunch of lines that show the color values of each part, for example, Pelt or Underfur.

Edit the numbers in parenthesis () to whatever color values you want, kind of like when setting an admin aura color in the server files.

I modified them to this:

colourVal[0] = ColourValue(0.55,0.55,0.55); //Pelt
 colourVal[1] = ColourValue(1,1,1); //Underfur
 colourVal[2] = ColourValue(0,0,0); //Mane
 colourVal[3] = ColourValue(0,0,0); //Nose
 colourVal[4] = ColourValue(1,1,1); //Above eyes
 colourVal[5] = ColourValue(0,0,0); //Below eyes
 colourVal[6] = ColourValue(1,1,1); //Ears
 colourVal[7] = ColourValue(0,0,0); //Tailtip
 colourVal[8] = ColourValue(0.55,0.3,0.15); //Eyes
 colourVal[9] = ColourValue(1,1,1); //Wings
 colourVal[10] = ColourValue(1,1,0); //Markings

Now recompile, and in-game when you make a new character it should be different colors than before!

This doesn't really have a purpose, but I found it to be kind of cool, so I thought I'd show you guys.
Works for pretty much any version of the source as far as I know.
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How to change the default character colors
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