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 My Pet Pony (Pet-Pet Pinto) Looking to hire!

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PostSubject: My Pet Pony (Pet-Pet Pinto) Looking to hire!   Wed Jan 24, 2018 1:42 am

Hello everyone!

My Pet Pony ( now named Pet-Pet Pinto ) is looking to hire staff members. Pet-Pet Pinto is a My Little Pony inspired long-term impressive title game project looking for both a dedicated and mlp fan staff team. The lore of Pet-Pet Pinto, is to provide the player a pet pony to take care of, explore the digital world, and make friends! The community is aimed towards a positive semi-educational atmosphere.

WARNING: This community is pictured to be welcoming and appropriate. If you are not  mature to take on a staff role and do not like anything to do with my little pony please do not sign up for staff. The game will have everything to do with ponies and if you are not into that kind of stuff, being a staff member won't be a fun experience for you and may come off to be boring or annoying.

If you are into ponies, can take on a staff role, and would like to help the community of Pet-Pet Pinto, then the owner encourages you to join. Keep in mind that anything that is provided in staff testing builds must be kept private amoung the staff team only unless the owner provides update content via the forums or the discord server. Giving out the staff game testing client, may it be a link or sent over to someone, is strongly prohibited and can get you removed off the staff list.

The Pet-Pet Pinto, owner currently talked to a Hasbro member and sent a requested document to Hasbro's email to use intellectual property that may be used for quests. The response may take 2-4 weeks. If no response is given Pet-Pet Pinto, will go back to becoming a more fan made lore without intellectual property such as another fan made game known as Legends of Equestria. Pet-Pet Pinto, will NOT be a copy of the LOE game as it will include many different features, storyline, and more regarding player and player creation models.

If you are interested in joining as a member or becoming a staff member please don't hesitate to join our discord server here: https://discordapp.com/invite/zHzFaAE

Our forum can be found here(May be dead and might not be used if it stays dead):

We have a functional multiplayer server ready to be used for staff testing. Any pictures can be found in our #updates channel in our discord server.
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My Pet Pony (Pet-Pet Pinto) Looking to hire!
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