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 Very cheap Server Hosting Service

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PostSubject: Very cheap Server Hosting Service   Fri Feb 09, 2018 1:33 pm


So I noticed quite a few people are having problems with hosting their servers, once they decide to release them or just wanting them online while it is still in staff testing. I would like to lend those people a hand, who are either not able to bring their servers online or are not able to to pay in real money for whatever reason.

I am able to host for your Impressive Title server. Regardless if your server is in staff testing or even released, hosting is one of the most important part every multiplayer game needs in order to run successfully. I am able to host for your server 24h in 7 days and provide support on programming and in general.
If you want me to host, I can do that. The thing is, I won't do it entirely for free. Reasons are, the server is up and running 24h and 7 days a week. This needs electricity and the internet bills also need to be paid.
Luckily I will be satisfied with very little payment and even prefer deviant Art points.

Hosting server with Data files using X2go to connect


  • Transparency and service is very important to me as well as privacy of every server. I am aware of the trust put into me by any owner and no information will every go on third-party contact, sites or reach third-party peoples ever.

  • I am currently successfully hosting for 4 servers. Therefore, I already have the know-how you need to have as hoster and I do know what is important while hosting.

  • The owner of the server is able to access the server through SSH or X2go, an third-party RDP service. Every server owner will have their own account where they can access the server. An introduction on how to maintain and use both SSH and X2go will be given from me.

Server 1 - Linux (Ubuntu Server) >> Currently in Maintenance <<

  • The server will run on a Linux (Ubuntu Server) which has the advantage to be more save, more stable and in general runs smoother than a Microsoft Windows.

  • Every Server owner will have their own account to access the server and maintain the server files.

  • The servers location is: Switzerland. A quite smooth connection is available with little to no lag.

  • OPTIONAL: Every server package can claim a starter pack from my hosting service. This means I will code you the servers name, a custom game icon for your server and the basic anti-cheat system. (For this I will need the game source)

Server 2 - Microsoft Windows

  • The second server will run on a Microsoft Windows 7

  • Users will be able to access the server through FileZilla. A FTP client. The connection is secured (SFTP)

  • The servers location is: Switzerland. A quite smooth connection is available with little to no lag.

  • OPTIONAL: The starter pack is also included in Server 2.

  • If you want a free hosting service against an agreement, your game will most likely run on the Windows Server.

Payment and Terms of Service

  • You are able to either choose Server 1 or Server 2 to host your game on.
    Recommend is Server 1.

  • For Server 1 or Server 2, every month you pay 300 dA points

  • If I do not receive the payment within 7 days after the payment day, the owner of the server will get a warning. After three days of no reply, the server will be shut down.

  • For the first month, I'm hosting for you, you need to pay a cost estimate of 150 deviantArt points at the very beginning. At the end of the month, you pay the other 150 dA points. You will only need to do this for the first month. After that, you will pay 300 dA points at the end of the month normally.

  • You are not permitted to use the same ports and the same IP address given to you for hosting for another server. If you want to change to another server, please speak to me first.

  • If one can not pay in dA money, I will also accept maps for IT servers, drawings, models, items, etc. worth around 300 dA points per month.

  • Unfortunately, I cannot accept PayPal yet. I'm trying to get an account as soon as possible tho.

If you are interested in this service or want to discuss about a special agreement like free hosting for a specific time, feel free to hit me up on one of the following contact information! Very Happy

Discord: Lamina#1516
Skype: live:loupiads

Or shout me a PM on this forum Smile

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Very cheap Server Hosting Service
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