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 [ Coding ] Lams Coding Commissions

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Game username : Lamina
Server : GuardiansFate (WIP)
Female Posts : 48
Join date : 2016-09-13
Age : 18
Location : In a virtual world.

PostSubject: [ Coding ] Lams Coding Commissions   Fri Feb 09, 2018 2:11 pm

Hi y'all

I'm gonna try my luck and open up some coding commissions. My knowledge in coding is yet very limited and you can't expect much of me. But when you commission from me, you will have the lot for a very cheap price! Wink
Please mind, that the most codes below are here on the forum for you to add in free. I will only charge for the work if you want not or are not able to add these yourself.

Coding Requests/Commissions

  • Dual Eyes Color Code
  • Multi-Body Selector
  • Additional Rankings in-game like VIP or DT
  • Multi Loading Screens
  • PvP stuff
  • Staff, VIP etc. gets custom Character Sizes
  • Restricted number of Characters per user (Useful if you want to prevent users to have like 128439804 Characters!)
  • Character restrictions (so that only heads, tails tufts etc. are select able for a certain body
  • Basic Anti-Cheat System
  • Separate Mane and Tufts
  • Allow Staff to shrink Pets
  • Replace the "Magix" text of the window to your own
  • Maps get custom grass sizes
  • Replace the "parsing scrips" loading text to your custom one
  • Customize your server like your custom OGRE Rendering Setup image, your custom Game Icon or fix bugs.
  • If you have any codes from BLOCKED AND bought them on your own for specifically your own server, I can add all of those as well and fix them! But I will need proof.


  • I am very flexible with the commission prices.
  • I expect to want at least 100 deviantArt points for the easier codes and around 400 dA points for the more advenced.
  • Very basic and easy codes like the basic anti-cheat or your own server title will be FREE
  • Shout me an offer otherwise Smile

If you are interested in some of the codes, I would be more than happy to code it for you!
Also if you need some additional information or if you want me to try on a new code, feel free to contact me under the following addresses:

Discord: Lamina#1516
Skype: live:loupiads

Or throw a PM on this forum at me.

Work in process as I will learn about new codes and try out new stuff....
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[ Coding ] Lams Coding Commissions
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