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 Mythical Creatures is looking for help and assistance?

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Game username : Aries
Server : Mythical Creatures
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Age : 16

PostSubject: Mythical Creatures is looking for help and assistance?   Sat Mar 17, 2018 9:49 pm

Quote :
Hello, names Aries as you can tell from my username here on Kito lol but you can call me Faith. I love reptiles like dragons but I also like wolves. : ) I know this is not an introducion thread but I felt like it would be nice to get to know me a little, before getting into the main topic here. I want to make a Dragon RPG IT Server, where you can play as a MIGHTY Dragon, make friends, and do quests to hunt creatures and collect cool, rare an powerful items to increase your Dragons strength, to fight hardcore Bosses and other cool critters in the lands, and level up to grow more powerful while gaining Golden Scales (Golden scales as in like currency) from the critters you kill to buy better/stronger armor and weapons, that some critters don't drop that help you fight stronger prey then your self, to carry out your duty as a Mighty Dragon Warrior of Mythical Creatures. I also want you to be able to get cool pets  from shops and quests, like taking down a boss you have from a quest to get a pet you can only get from the quest to be your pal to help you battle, and RULE the world of Mythical Creatures. The first thing that i want to do is to Create the abilty to blow fire from the dragons mouth, because I am sure you guys don't want to play a dragon IT where you can't blow fire. The second thing I want to add is NEW skill attacks examples: Spin tail attack and others. Third thing I would like to add is when you die you get a pop-up on your screen saying "Finished" with blood around the screen. These are some bits of what I want to do in this IT server, but I need some help making this happen. I only know a little about some things, but not much. i can rig, and i am learning to animate/model. I am trying to learn so I can start things off, because I want to be able to do work my self and say I did that and not say everyone did everything for me. I'm just looking for a team to help me out with this dream I have because there a lot I can't do and I need some one with the skills I don't have and be able to teach me things. I'm gonna list the things here I don't know. List: Coding/Animating/Modeling/MapMaking/ and probably more just not sure. Anyone willing to help me, PM on discord I reply faster more on there then here. My username Aries
#6714. I also have a forum but let's just say I don't know how to make it nice so if there anyone out there who also knows how to do that hit me up.
Here a screenshot of the dragon model that will be used. Also I got the server together, just need to find a host to host it when everything is finished.
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Game username : MadMadameFlare
Server : -in progress-
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PostSubject: Re: Mythical Creatures is looking for help and assistance?   Sun Mar 18, 2018 11:00 pm

That model is looking really good, and the plans for the server are very interesting!
I hope that you find a host <3
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Mythical Creatures is looking for help and assistance?
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