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 Reflective Water Issue

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Ashlyn Sheypher


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Reflective Water Issue Empty
PostSubject: Reflective Water Issue   Reflective Water Issue I_icon_minitimeThu Apr 05, 2018 7:35 pm

Hello, it's me again lol

After, maybe, MONTHS of trying to make a reflective water, I finally DID IT! When I entered the game, I saw my character reflecting. I was screaming so hard ahaha

But I faced two problems:

1. I saw the water on Character Selection Screen. But when I pressed Start button the game just stopped working without any error. Just "The game.exe stopped working" ._.

2. It's not a problem, actually, it's just my unknowledge. Character reflects with PlayerCam, but how to make it reflecting normally, like upside down? I mean, what type of camera should it be?

Here are the screenshots. It's glitchy, because it's not done yet lol. I hope you may see the reflection of Ashley's back legs...or waterfalls :

Reflective Water Issue CBm-JyykW7E
Reflective Water Issue C_0EvRjZyAg

You may PM me with your advises or questions. Reminding - this topic is addressed to those people who did this water and it works perfectly. I just need to correct some mistakes. I WON'T CODE YOU THIS, GUYS, SORRY
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Reflective Water Issue
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