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 Best Way Of Rigging Back Items?

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PostSubject: Best Way Of Rigging Back Items?   Thu Jun 14, 2018 7:48 pm

So, i've tried using some of the base items that were rigged to the spine of the model with no avail. It either ends up tilted weird even when it's lined up flat with the model i'm referencing or it ends up way off of what I positioned it as.

Is there a faster/more simpler way to rig items to the back of the model? For instance.. rigging a sword to the back?

Thanks in advance,
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PostSubject: Re: Best Way Of Rigging Back Items?   Fri Jun 15, 2018 11:10 pm

As I did (not sure if will help but who knows).
Works for any body part. But it will take some time and patience for the first time.Wink
I made an item (for example, a simple sword), then I just turned it horizontally and attached a bone to it, exported and checked how it will look like in-game. For skeleton I used just a skeleton file from Hipster Glasses. Then I saw that it looks weird and then returned to blender, rotated and reexported several times until it gets a needed position. In blender it looks a bit strange:

But in-game it looks good though:

For the next back rig I use the same blend file, skeleton and rotation in blender that you used to rig the first one (don't forget to save it) but for the other item, all you'll need for the next time is just:
1. Open your first time rigging .blend file
2. Import your other back item model
3. Turn it as how the old one looks like
4. Remove the first one that was rigged firstly
5. Ctrl+P for rigging the second one
6. Export and use the same skeleton (in my situation: Hipster Glasses)
7. Boom! You have another quick rigged back item~

Maybe strange but working and quick way to rig any item^^
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Best Way Of Rigging Back Items?
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