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 How to make game more interesting

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How to make game more interesting Empty
PostSubject: How to make game more interesting   How to make game more interesting I_icon_minitimeThu Aug 09, 2018 10:12 pm

First of all... Sorry for my Eng. I hope, that you will understand my ideas

What is the game? Good design? 3D models? Program? For player it is new experience. And new exp consists of both large and small imperceptible features.

Everyone knows about Skyrim, Oblivion or Morrowind? This games is made of little features. First of all it is adventure exp!
How it basically works in this games? You have Big Open-world map and you have no Idea, what is where. You must travel before you found something. But what will motivate the player? Intresting quests, Lore of the game and, of course, the most working motivation - human curiosity. For honest, all this list playing with human curiosity.
So I will talk about it. How you can play with this kind of feeling.

1. Simple "How this map called?"

Everyone knows, how IT servers works. You create your char and jump intro the game and stay in Default. In the best case you will run intro Realy Big, when you found it on mini-map Very Happy
But what if do little feature for mini map? When player account first time in the game Player do not know, what maps server have! (If the player is not cool hacker and just watch maps' names in the Terrain folder)

All maps will looks for novice like this:
How to make game more interesting Screen14

Aaand, when player goes to the map and go back he open the name of this portal:
How to make game more interesting Screen15

Now how it can work?
I'm not programmer, but I have some logic.
Well, in the GUI file we have text Area "MiniMapTag"
How to make game more interesting Minima10
this text is responsible for the names of the maps. I don't look in the code, but I'm sure, that it work simple. When your cursor upper the mini-map portal icone, this text Area takes name from the .world file.

Maybe it possible to make this logic:
When player first time open the game, the game create the File "FindWorlds.cfg", for example. Just like savePoint file.
Looks like:
River Valley

When player in the game and his cursor upper the mini-map portal icone, game checks file "FindWorlds.cfg" and compares the lines with the name of the portal
If program don't found in the file line, that have text like in the [Portal] or [Gate] name textArea set capture "???"
Else it works as usual

How lines adding in file? When player has arrived on the location, program checks "FindWorlds.cfg".
If one line coincides with the name of the map - it do nothing
But if there is no concurrences - program add new line with name of the map in file

2. Hidden portals
Many people like to be researchers! And hidden portals will create a sense of discovery if they would be found. And when map is founded - it appear on mini-map
I did not invent program logic yet
But this would be interesting!

3. First arrived sound and sounds areas
So, here we are. Now let's remember Skyrim again. Do you remember that incredible feeling, when you found some sort of location: city, village, cave, secret place. Do you remember, how it was? You just arrived in location. Appear the name of this, play some sound effect and start play a music. Fantastic.
Not everyone knows, that Skyrim is build by some sort of sound areas. Sounds always decorate the game. And it really important to make first expression of map or location.

Skyrim "found location" sounds:

If the first arrive in the map I can imagine, I can't invite, how sound area can work.

My guess about the first approach to the location
We return to the file "FindWorlds.cfg"  and in GUI file we add TextArea, that shoud write Map Name. It's kinda God Message, but not so noticeable.

Program check Map name and lines in .cfg file.
And, if "FindWorlds.cfg" has no map name, all music smoothly turns off, plays some single sound and appear in a few seconds Map Name.
Else Only appear Map name

My guess about the SoundAreas
It would be like [CollBox] or [CollSphere], but with no collision
For example lets call it [SoundBox] and [SoundSphere]

That Areas should have all settings of [CollBox] and [CollSphere], + Sound Effect = "SoundName.mp3"

When Player will come in [SoundBox] or [SoundSphere] music will become quieter for a few seconds and "SoundName.mp3" will plays once.
Then Area kinda... destroy? I do not know how further actions will take place.

I hope that there will be a programmer who will implement these ideas on his server in life! (If you create something - JUST TAKE MY MONEY xD)
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How to make game more interesting
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