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 Encyclopedia of KITO

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PostSubject: Encyclopedia of KITO   Thu Oct 25, 2012 2:56 am

This thread contains basic knowledge, definitions, and meanings of terms used within KITO and the Impressive Title community.

OIT - Stands for "Original" Impressive Title, which some members call the first Impressive Title , aka the original Impressive Title game made by KovuLKD

Blender - A 3D program used to open .blend files with. This program is used for making the 3D content such as Items, Prey and Characters.

Mesh - Another name for a 3D model.

.mesh - Unlike "Mesh" , this is a name of a file extension of a 3D model that has been exported to work in an Ogre Engine game. It's possible to view these files using a Ogre Mesh Viewer, such as Meshy: [You must be registered and logged in to see this link.] . You can only view these files however, and can't edit them using a viewer.

.skeleton - a file extension for Skeleton, which contains animation data for certain .mesh file(s). In short, it's what makes Characters, and Prey move in game, while Mesh files like trees, rocks, and other map objects don't need to have animations, thus don't use .skeletons files.

W.I.P - Meaning Work in Progress, is used to call something that is not a finished product, or an incomplete project.

Servers - Basically a term used to call the many different versions of Impressive Title that are available for download, and are online. Common mistaken with people who tend to call their "W.I.P. Projects " servers, but unlike servers, they are not available for download nor are they online.


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Encyclopedia of KITO
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